What Male Chastity Means

Male Chastity Men

What Male Chastity Means

When men
enter into a lifestyle of male chastity, many people wonder what it is that
they’re thinking. While it is certainly different for each man, the one
constant is that they want to give up control of their sexual pleasure and
release by turning it over to someone else. This person can be a partner, a
Mistress, a Master or anyone else in the lives of these men that they trust.
The reason that trust is vital is because this other person is going to become
their Key Holder. A Key Holder is the person that’s holding the key to whatever
chastity device the man is wearing or using. Normally, this is a cock cage of
sorts. So if the man gets an erection for some reason, it will become a rather
painful experience. In addition, the Key Holder isn’t going to unlock the
device just because the man got hard and wants to cum.

In fact,
that’s pretty much the whole point of male chastity. An enslaved male cannot
achieve orgasm without the express permission of his Key Holder because that’s
who will have to unlock him and free his cock for enjoyment. While this is
something that definitely teaches control, it’s never to be entered into


Male chastity cages and cock gear by Koala

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