Male chastity Make Him Obey You

Make Him Obey You

The thought
of wearing a male chastity device is
something that can make some men fall on their knees and beg for mercy from
their partners. These guys know that their partners are serious when they start
talking about locking their cocks up in a device that actually causes pain when
you get an erection. Now, this is a great way of controlling your male partner
for the most part, but if you use it as an idle threat, then eventually they
are going to figure out that you don’t actually have a device and they will
start to defy you at every turn.

This means
that you are actually going to have to go to and purchase a male chastity device. In this way, you
can show them that you actually own one and you aren’t afraid to use it if that
is what you need to do. Make sure they understand that once it gets put o,n
there is nothing they can do to take it off and they will do whatever you ask
them to. To prove your point, you should let them hold it for a bit so that
they can see exactly what is going to happen to them if they defy you one more


Photo below is a male being forced into some girl time with his vagina exposed. This is done for fem training, sissy training, male chastity, slave training and just letting your man get in touch with his innner feminine being. Vagina training can be an effective form of male humiliation and can be used with male chastity cock cages, anal gear, cock gear and other feminization designs.


Male chastity vagina look suit by

Male chastity vagina look forced fem by

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