Getting to Know More Male Chastity Men

Chastity Men

to Know More Male Chastity Men

Something that you might miss out on when you’re in
a male chastity lifestyle is the social interaction with other male chastity
men. Not just every guy can bring himself to tell his every day friends that
he’s wearing a cage locked around his cock. If he only had his own little group
of friends that also wore cages around their cocks, then he would feel
comfortable and at ease. He would also have other guys that he could discuss
the various aspects living this kind of lifestyle. There will be little stories
and experiences to trade about how many times the cage had stopped a random
erection and even what had caused that erection attempt.

Put simply, these other male chastity men will fully
understand everything you have to say if you’re a guy with his cock locked up
in a cage. You can even exchange Key Holder stories, although you probably
shouldn’t tell those in the presence of your Key Holder or you’ll most likely
be punished in some that you won’t like. Of course, you can tell all of the
flattering stories about your Key Holder that you want. The point is that if
you look in the right places, you may find plenty of guys of like mind to form
your own group of special friends.

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