Male Chastity Men Trying Something New

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men Trying Something New

Some of the
male chastity men in the world are probably thinking that they have tried
everything that could be possible, but that can change in a single second. I am
one of those guys that thought I knew what chastity devices were all about
until my partner brought one home that was far beyond anything I would have
thought possible. This device showed me right away that I had no idea what was
actually available to me or what I could experience while wearing a simple cage
over my cock. Of course, there was nothing simple about this cage in any way.

Like other
male chastity men out there, I found myself being placed into a chastity device
that had small teeth on the inside of it. I had never even thought that
something like this existed in the first place, and trying to put it on was
painful to say the least. I was not prepared for something like this in the
least, and all I could do was think about the reason as to why my partner would
insist on me wearing something like this. I wasn’t aware that I had upset
anyone recently and I was scared to see what would happen if I had actually
done something to upset my partner in any way. But on the other hand, it’s not
exactly about someone being angry at you as you’ll see if you give it a try.


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