Male Chastity Men and Taking On the Chaste Lifestyle

Male Chastity Men and Taking On the Chaste Lifestyle

A lot of
male chastity men think that wearing cages over their cocks make them something
special. Oddly enough, the truth of the matter is that it really does make them
special in a way. Not every guy in the world can lock the most important part
of their anatomy up inside a cage and go on with their day like nothing has
changed. In fact, most guys wouldn’t even consider this as an option in their
lives and would pass it up without thinking twice about it. The ones that do
end up wearing a cage know how special it can make them feel, though.

Not all male
chastity men decide to wear something like this simply because they want to try
something different. There are more than a few of them that have been forced
into wearing one of these cages because their partner wants to spice up their
sex lives instead. These guys usually end up waking up with one of these cages
locked on them and no key in sight. Their partners usually have the key hidden
away and won’t give it up until they get what they want out of the relationship
and that is usually immense pleasure.

If you have
been one of those male chastity men that was forced to wear a cock cage, then
you know exactly what it felt like when you realized you couldn’t take it off.
You also know what it feels like to have to wear it long enough that you accept
it in all its glory. You understand that there is nothing in this world that
would make you as happy as continuing to wear one of these devices, not that
you have much of a choice in the matter. It says a lot about the type of guy
that you are and the design of these devices when it comes down to it.


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