Male chastity men and slaves

Male Chastity Men Slaves

Male chastity

I have
become one of those male chastity men
because of the relationship I have found myself involved in. I am not saying it
is a bad thing, but it was something that I had to eventually get used to in
the way that you get used to shoes that are a bit too small for your feet but
you wear them anyway. You see, my partner is extremely dominant in our
relationship, which was one of the things that really drew me to him to begin

Being like
other male chastity men means that I
have to be given permission before I can take my chastity cage off to have any
fun. Of course, this doesn’t get to happen very often, but that is part of the
excitement of wearing one. When it finally comes off, there is nothing that can
stop me from doing the things I enjoy doing, and that is probably one reason
why I continue to agree to this type of relationship. Although, there are times
when I would prefer that I wasn’t wearing a cage from, and one of
those times happened not too long ago for me.

My partner
decided to have a little party at our house one night while I was off at work.
Being like other male chastity men,
I have to wear my cage while I am working as well, but I wasn’t aware of what I
was going to be walking into when I got home that night. It had been a long day
and I was hoping to have the permission to take my cage off and sit in a nice
hot bath for a while, but that isn’t how the night ended up working out for me.


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