Male chastity men and butt plugs

Most male chastity men including myself have felt many thing shoved up our butts. Licku for me I enjoy it but I would never let my girlfriend know. Master always think their male chasitity men are not into anal and many enjoy forcing it on them as a form of humiliation. I have talked to many of male chastity men who carry around the same secret as me. We have to act like we hate it. When I am fucked by my GF wearing a strap on or one of her friends she refers to as real me have a go at my ass I always show pain and displeasure. I know what turns them on but these are times that I feel like I am in control. That does not happen offen and again many male chastity men I know feel the same exact way. I am posting a photo of an anal plug powered suit that I enjoy wearing to pool parties, the beach and sometimes all day long as underwear. How awesome is it to get fucked by your swimsuit!


This design is from the mens swimwear collection


Male chastity men wearing anal plug swimsuit

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