More of my male chastity training

Continued from a couple days ago.


Male chastity and me

So had did it all start. My girlfriend and I were in a very
vanilla relationship. Regular sex though she knew I sometimes had sex with
other men and I was completely open about it and if she was interested in
having sex with other women that would be great too. Looking back there were
little signs that I picked up from here that should have offered warning but
they were very subtle sign and I feel most men would have missed them too.
Early on my girlfriend was into anal sex but she preferred to do things to me.
During sex she would always probe with her fingers. At first I was
uncomfortable with this type of play mostly because I had never had a woman do
this to me but she loved doing it and over time I enjoyed it. I had no idea at
the time that many women who are into male chastity training use this as a
control method and milking becomes a regular deal for many male chastity men.
She started by fingering my ass while I was fucking her but after I would
finish she would continue trying to work more fingers in.  She would tell me she enjoyed the feel of
being inside of me and the play would lead to multiple orgasms on my part. One
day she told me she would like to use a strap on dildo on me and that this
night would be just for pleasing me. Another control I found out later that
many women view using a strap on dildo with a man as a dominate position. I
wanted to make her happy so I let her. She would pound me for hours loving the
feeling of being in control. She started off with very small dildos but over a
few months worked her way up to larger and larger ones where I went from small
4” models to thick 8” dildos. This was all part of her plan. Each time she went
to a larger size she would let me know how proud she was of me which of course
made me feel good and how excited it got her which was true often her vagina
would be dripping wet after my orgasm but she would not let me enter her. It
was always her sitting on my face eating it until she had a massive orgasm
squirting her juice all over my face. I know now that face sitting is another
male chastity method used in training but back when we were doing it for me it
was all about pleasing her.

Male chastity cacock cages by Koala