Male Chastity Men are Changing the World

Male Chastity Men are Changing the World

Like other
male chastity men in the world, I enjoy wearing my chastity cage. I love the
fact that I can wear it under just about any type of clothing and no one around
me would be the wiser. Although, there are a few different clothing options
that your chastity device will stand out in and you should probably only wear
something like that in the privacy of your own home. I tried wearing sweatpants
out to the mall one day and had a hell of a time trying to explain to people
that I wasn’t walking around with an erection.

that I find interesting about male chastity men these days is the fact that
they have banded together and gotten designers to improve clothing options for
guys that wear devices. I noticed online that there are some people out there
making swimwear that you can use a chastity device with and that made me very
happy. I always wanted to head off to the beach but knew that I couldn’t wear
my trunks since they would do the same thing as the sweatpants I tried to wear
to the mall. But now I have that ability and I wear them all the time.

Most male
chastity men will tell you that wearing something like this will change certain
aspects of your life forever. There are going to be places that you just can’t
go because you are wearing a cage and certain things you will never be able to
wear as well. But more and more men that are involved in male chastity are
coming together to improve the designs or clothing and devices so that you can
do all those things you enjoyed doing before locking your cock up inside a
small cage. It’s a brave new world, indeed, for guys with a  chastity fetish.



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Happy Male Chastity Men

Happy Male Chastity Men

chastity men will talk about how great it feels to have their cocks locked up
inside a small cage, unable to get an erection. On the other hand, all those
guys that have never felt something like that before find it difficult to fully
understand. They don’t comprehend that wearing something like this can actually
make them see their life in a completely new light. It’s almost as if they were
completely missing out on a lot of things that they didn’t even know they were
missing out on until they actually strapped one of these chastity devices on
for themselves.

One thing
that almost all of the male chastity men will agree on is that they are much
happier after wearing their chastity devices for longer periods of time. This
is because they have been able to gain control over their urges to the point
where they can wear their device without getting an erection. If you can do
that, then you will know what true happiness is all about and what it means to
finally be in control of every aspect of your life regardless of what other
people may think about your crazy and perverted way of life. Besides, they are
a lot of fun to wear and it’s something you need to try at least once.


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Male chastity men and being feminized

Male chastity men

Many male chastity men are forced into being sissies, feminized and treated more like a bitch than a real man. Some are forced to watch their women or masters have sex with other people. Though I would include a photo of me wearing one of my girls favorite male to female transformation suits. It does look like I have a vagina which is a good thing because I am treated like I have one!
are those special guys that would try these chastity items at least once or
twice in their life. The feeling of curiousness and adventure is what kicks
them to try one. Not to mention the kinks that lies behind their inner self.
Who would not want to explore when it is there for you ready and available?


These sexy and kinky devices are what makes the moment
with your sexual partner very spicy. It is an additive to the time when you
play on with your fetishes. It adds the turn on factor that makes the sexual
encounter more tasty and yet teasing in all its sense.  Everyone has to feed these fetishes to be
able to have a healthy sexual life. Keeping it behind and locked within you can
make you feel incomplete somehow. Let it out. There is nothing wrong with feeding
it. It is best however that you and your partner agree to this. The playful
escapades will be more than just a moment spent, it will be so memorable and
hot that you would look forward to the next one. Plan ahead and get the male chastity men devices and start the
adult sexy fun.


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Sorry no real models today. Just me being transformed into a girl.


Mal chastity men trasformation suit by total fem look

Mal chastity men trasformation suit by