Male chastity Yes, Prostates Can Be Milked, Too

Male Chastity Men

Yes, Prostates Can Be Milked, Too

Some of the
male chastity men out there find that wearing their devices all day long only
boosts their need for sexual gratification by the end of the day. Of course,
they aren’t allowed to take their devices off so it makes it a tiny bit
difficult to find that gratification. That is why any man looking to wear a
chastity device for long periods of time needs to learn about the prostate
milking aspect. Not only can this give you some gratification, but it will keep
you free from infections and various other issues that can arise.

If you are
one of those male chastity men that only wears their devices for a couple of
days, then you probably don’t have to worry about milking your prostate all
that much. You are probably having enough sexual release that it isn’t going to
affect you and you can go on about your life. But guys that are wearing these
devices for months at a time are going to need to plan on doing the milking
aspect at least once a week in order to stave off bacterial infections that can
grow in stagnant seminal fluids that build up inside the prostate gland.