Male chastity how did it happen to me? a multi part post

Male chastity: How did it happen to me?

You never think something like male chastity will become
part of your lifestyle or at least I don’t think most men think that. I do believe
there are many more women who would like to keep their men in a state of male
chastity, in control of their man’s sexual experiences, with no worries about
their boyfriends or husbands cheating on them. I also believe like many women
do that men are programmed by nature to cheat and not to be monogamous. We are
programmed to some degree to spread our seeds and mate with as many women as we
can. I think that is true with gay and bi men. I have many gay friends who are
very much into having sex as often as possible. Spreading your seed has little
to do with your sexual orientation. When I did have a sex life I was completely
into women but considered myself bi. I would have sex with a man I was attracted
to. Most often these men were more likely to be guys like myself who are on the
feminine side. This is going to be a long multi part post on how I ended up a
total male chastity slave at first it was forced on me but with the love of my
girlfriend and support from other men and women who are into male chastity as a
lifestyle I have grown to accept it and even to have a special bond to it.

How did it happen?
Next post by me. There could be other posts by other men and women in between



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