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Magic Bikini

When it comes to sheer and form fitting designs, the
Cock Magic Bikini is probably one of
the hottest on the market these days. This fascinating blend of form fitting
Spandex allows men with any size cock to enjoy filling the pouch out and
looking their best no matter what they are doing. This full back sheer bikini
is a great option for beaches and poolside, but many guys like to use them at
parties and as lounge wear as well. The choices are endless when this baby is
put on and shown off to the world around you.

The Cock Magic
gives you everything you want in a bikini; from the sheer material
that allows your cock and balls to breathe to the form fitting use of Spandex
to give you the comfort you have been dying for all your life. The only problem
you might have while wearing this little number is in the precum seeping
through the head of the pouch from the shear orgasmic pleasure of wearing a
suit of this nature. Of course, that probably won’t be a problem for you at all
as you will love that feeling, too.

When it comes to a bikini that is completely
functional and yet enticing in the same manner, the Cock Magic Bikini is the perfect choice. Wear it while tanning or
wear it as underwear beneath your clothes for those long hours in the office. You
can do and go anywhere you want while wearing a bikini like this and still feel
the comfort and raw sexual excitement that items made from Spandex can give to
you. Whether you have a fetish or not doesn’t matter; the Cock Magic Bikini from koalaswim.com will make you fall in love
with your swimwear all over again in no time.

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