Male Chastity Men Keep their Erections under Control

Male Chastity Men Keep their Erections under Control

Most male
chastity men will tell you that there is nothing better than keeping your urges
completely under control. Of course, there are some competitive men that just
enjoy locking their cocks up in order to see how long they can last. There are
all different kinds of guys out there that are trying these things in order to
see what it feels like and what their lives would be if they couldn’t get an
erection. You might be surprised to find out that you can still have sex while
wearing a device like this.

Once male
chastity men figure out the secret to having sex while wearing a device, it turns
out to be the only thing they can ever think about. Some guys think that the
whole point of wearing a chastity device is in the fact that you are able to
have sex, but that isn’t true. You can have all the sex you want as long as you
understand you won’t be penetrating anything with your cock. Sure, it takes
some of the fun out of it, but could you imagine all the different sexual
things you could end up doing while wearing a device of this nature and just
how happy your partner would end up being? It’s definitely worth a try!


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