Male Chastity Men in Public

Male Chastity Men in Public

Most male chastity
men know that wearing their device in public always runs a risk of someone
finding out about it. This risk seems to get smaller the longer you wear it
since you are getting used to the way it fits, but for the first couple of days,
you will notice some people staring at you because you are walking just a little
bit funny. Now you can probably come up with some kind of lie to tell people as
to why you are walking funny in the first place, but there is a good chance
that no one will actually ask you about it anyway because it’s too personal a

The male
chastity men that get used to wearing these devices have a tendency to forget
that they are even wearing them most of the time. Now this can be hazardous as
well since forgetting that you are wearing a metal cage over your cock
especially if you are out in public can cause all sorts of issues. There are
plenty of guys that have been out in public and forgot about their cage, making
fools out of themselves in public restrooms while standing at the urinal trying
to relieve themselves without peeing all over the person next to them. Now,
that’s a memorable experience!


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Male chastity men being feminized for sex by cock and anal gear

Male chastity men being feminized for sex by

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