The Larger Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men

The Larger Male Chastity Men

Not all the
male chastity men can get away with wearing a chastity device while out in
public. Now, there are all kinds of men that are walking around wearing their
devices everywhere they go, but there are also some men that have larger cocks and
find it a bit more difficult to wear a device out in public like all the other
guys. The main reason for this is the fact that they have to wear a much larger
device and that means there is a better chance of someone seeing it.

chastity men that have to wear larger devices need to be aware of the clothing
they have on while wearing them. Since the device is larger than what the
average guy would be wearing, you have to remember that people will be looking
at your crotch when they see that bulge that doesn’t really move. It can be
quite embarrassing for some guys to be stared at like this, but there are still
others that will relish the fact that people are noticing what they have in
their pants. You just have to determine which sort of guy you are and live with
the results.


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