Male Chastity Men Can Still Be Manly

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men Can Still Be Manly

One of the biggest misconceptions about the chastity
lifestyle is that male chastity men aren’t actually real men at all. People not
in the know often see these men as wimps or pussy whipped. That’s not the case
in the slightest. In fact, if you think about what these guys are doing day in
and day out, you might just decide that they’re manlier than the guys that
choose to live a different type of lifestyle. The reason for this is because
these men are taking risks that the majority of men never would. It shows that
they can render themselves helpless when it comes to their sexual pleasure and
it takes a brave man to put that in the hands of someone else.

Now think about that the next time you want to call
male chastity men words like sissies. These men are way up on the ladder of
“real men.” They’ve learned that there’s a lot more to life than jerking off or
fucking three or four times a day. These men are the ones that spend time
talking and listening to their partners. They know that relationships contain
many more important elements than just sex. You might want to spend some time learning
that lesson, too.


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