Male Chastity Men are the Same as Other Men

Some male chastity men feel that they are better than others out there just because of what they have locked around their cocks. I guess I can understand this sense of entitlement they have towards their chastity devices, but it still seems a bit odd to me that they would actually think this way. I wear a chastity device all the time and I don’t go around telling everyone that I am better because of it. I simply enjoy my device and let others come to the realization on their own that they are missing out on all the excitement that I am getting to experience.

I know that not all male chastity men are like this, but there are some that will think they are better than anyone else. I guess they feel that being able to lock a cage over their cocks makes them special somehow, even though any other guy out there could be doing the exact same thing. I know plenty of guys that are wearing these cages and not going around telling everyone how great they are because of it. They just enjoy their lives and go on living them regardless of what others might think.

I like being around male chastity men that are comfortable enough with the people they are that    they don’t feel the need to push their lifestyle on others around them. These guys know what they like in life and they aren’t afraid to go after it. It may seem strange to others when they find out they lock their cocks up inside of cages but, for guys like me; it is just something we do. It is no different than wearing shoes or a belt to keep your pants up. Our chastity devices are just another accessory that we have a hard time living without and don’t plan on changing that.



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Proper Public Clothing for Male Chastity Men

Proper Public Clothing for Male Chastity Men

Some of the
male chastity men that I know enjoy wearing their devices when they are at home
while others seem to find it more entertaining to wear them out in public as
often as possible. I am one of those guys that enjoys wearing them out in
public, although I do have to be careful of what types of pants I wear. Some of
the issues I have found while wearing my chastity device out in public have
been rather embarrassing to say the least, but they were learning experiences
and I have been able to move on with my life.

Some male
chastity men will end up running out the door with whatever clothing they have
and not think about what they might be showing off to the general public. Now,
sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing as a lot of people would enjoy see your
cage under your pants, but there are other times when it might not be such a
good idea. I could run through almost every experience I have had in the hopes
that some of them might help you out, but I find that living through some of
these scenarios is a lot more fun.

You may find
that being male chastity men means that you have to do things you never would
have thought possible. Some guys simply think that you can wear a device and go
about your day like nothing is different but that isn’t always the case. There
are times when you are going to need to trust your instincts and plan your
clothing options out ahead of time so that you don’t make any kind of mistakes.
If you don’t mind people staring at you and wondering what that large bulge is,
then don’t worry about it. Otherwise, make sure that you are wearing something
that will hide your device.



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Male Chastity Men and Loving the Lifestyle

Male Chastity Men and Loving the Lifestyle

Most male
chastity men will tell you that there are few things in life that will make you
as happy as being involved in a fetish that won’t allow you to get an erection.
This type of fetish isn’t just something you use for a few hours of fun,
either. This is a lifestyle that you have to live within as long as you
possibly can. You will find out that you don’t want to take the device off and
let your cock free after a while, which will thrill and confuse you at the same

The male
chastity men that are out there wearing their devices throughout the day all
know that by taking them off, they will end up feeling like they are missing a part
of themselves. It would be a lot like going to work without any clothes on just
by leaving their chastity cage at home for the day. This is one fetish that
will make sure you live your life within the confines of your cock’s prison
whether you understand it or not. The excitement that wearing something like
this gives to guys that are willing to accept it is absolutely amazing to say
the least.

If you are hoping
to join the ranks of male chastity men in the world, then you will need to
understand what it is you are getting involved in. Take some time to look
around online at some of the forums that are geared towards the chastity
lifestyle. You will find all kinds of information that will help you in picking
out the right device for you and the proper way of wearing it in public so that
no one else knows about it. This could be the one fetish that you have tried
that will finally show you the answers to all the questions you might have
regarding the lifestyle where your cock doesn’t control you.


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Telling Signs of Male Chastity Men

Telling Signs of Male Chastity Men

If you
haven’t met any male chastity men, then it’s probably because they never
thought about telling you. Chances are you have met quite a few men in your
life that are currently wearing chastity devices, but they just don’t think you
could handle that kind of honesty. The truth is that there are more guys out in
the world wearing these devices than you would have ever thought possible. The
thing is the only way you are going to be able to tell is if you are wearing
one yourself. This doesn’t mean that you can simply put on a device and
instantly tell, though. You will have to wear it for a while before you can see
the signs.

chastity men can usually pick each other out of a crowd fairly easily since
they know what to look for. They understand the subtle ways you have to move so
that people don’t start paying close attention to the slight bulge in their
crotch. They also understand that certain times of the day require them to sit
down carefully so that they don’t end up getting a massive erection starting
inside that small little cage they have locked around their cocks.

If you can’t
tell what other male chastity men look like when they have their device on,
then you haven’t worn yours long enough, but there is hope for you. After a
couple of months of wearing your device, you will be able to pick guys out from
all walks of life. You will see the signs that others are putting out there to
let you know that they too are wearing a chastity cage over their cocks. Then
you can start up a conversation with them to see what kind of devices they
prefer and trade stories about wearing your devices at the worst moment


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Sexy Experiences for Male Chastity Men

Sexy Experiences for Male Chastity Men

If you have heard the term male chastity men but
don’t have a clue what it means, then this post is for you. This fetish
category is fairly simple to understand once you start looking around online
for anything having to do with modern day chastity play. Guys that are using
these chastity devices on a regular basis understand that there is nothing out
there in the world that can make them happier than having their erections
completely under control. However, it goes a bit deeper than just having
control over an erection.

You see, most of the male chastity men around have
an exciting sexual experience while wearing one of these devices and that is
the prostate massage. Now, you probably have never heard of this wondrous thing
if you haven’t ever looked into anything to do with chastity in the past, but
it is something that will make you completely understand why some guys would be
willing to lock their cocks up. The prostate massage aspect is definitely
something that will make you understand that you have been missing out on quite
a lot in your life and could be the top reason for you to start wearing a
chastity device.


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The male chastity fetish is one of those strange things
in life that you have to participate in if you really want to know what it’s
all about. Reading up on it is a great way to determine whether or not you want
to get involved in it, but reading alone isn’t going to tell you what it feels
like to have a device on that will keep you from getting erection and yet still
carry the erotic charge of wearing something that makes you feel sexy. There
are a lot of strange things in life that seem awkward but bring about great
amounts of pleasure and this is another one.

Male Chastity Men Pleasure

Male Chastity Men Pleasure

Unlike other
male chastity men that I have read about over the years, I tend to wear mine
only when it matters to me. I am not one of those slaves that have given up my
key to someone else, or locked it in a safe so that I can’t take off my device
when I need to. I am the type of guy that simply wears a chastity device
because I want to and I enjoy it. I like the fact that I have that kind of
control over my life and my body. It’s truly as simple as that.

I know that
there are male chastity men in the world that will disagree with me on many of
these points, but that is perfectly fine with me. They can disagree with every
single word I say, but I know what I enjoy in my life and wearing one of these
devices is definitely something that I enjoy a lot. Whether or not they want to
accept the fact that I wear something like this simply because I enjoy it or
not is up to them. But I can’t think of any other reason to wear a cage over my

I have no
issues with male chastity men that wear their devices for whatever reason, but
I do think they should at least admit that they enjoy the simple act of locking
their cock up. It’s one of those things you will instantly know as soon as you
hear that lock click into place and something that you will always be seeking
when you don’t have your cage on. It’s a strange sensation to live with, but
one that you will ultimately enjoy playing around with over the years. I know I
have enjoyed it more and more every time I put my device on.


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Male Chastity Men and Comfort

Male Chastity Men and Comfort

A lot of
male chastity men find comfort in wearing devices that are a bit smaller than
they probably should be. They seem to enjoy the amount of pressure that they
get from wearing something that almost doesn’t fit them. While I can understand
why someone would like to try that out once in a while, I have found that the
smaller devices tend to be extremely uncomfortable after a few minutes of
wearing them. Maybe it’s because I have a rather large cock or simply that I am
a bit more active. Either way, I just can’t wear the smaller ones like that.

While some
male chastity men enjoy the smaller ones, guys like me prefer the ones that fit
properly and don’t chafe when we walk. It’s very important to find a style that
fits properly and doesn’t chafe I feel. I had one that was a tad too big, which
ended up rubbing a few spots almost completely raw the first time I ever put it
on and wore it for a while. That experience is not one that I ever want to go
through again so I do my best to make sure that the device that I am going to
wear will be the right size.

Not all male
chastity men think that through, though. They feel that simply purchasing and
wearing any chastity device is going to bring them the happiness that they
think they want. Unfortunately, they usually find out that they have purchased
something that doesn’t fit right. That means there is a good chance that they
will give up trying to find another one that might actually fit and give them
that feeling. It’s a sad reality that we live in, but it happens more than you
might think to guys that are just beginning their path towards chastity.


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Male Chastity Men Trying Something New

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men Trying Something New

Some of the
male chastity men in the world are probably thinking that they have tried
everything that could be possible, but that can change in a single second. I am
one of those guys that thought I knew what chastity devices were all about
until my partner brought one home that was far beyond anything I would have
thought possible. This device showed me right away that I had no idea what was
actually available to me or what I could experience while wearing a simple cage
over my cock. Of course, there was nothing simple about this cage in any way.

Like other
male chastity men out there, I found myself being placed into a chastity device
that had small teeth on the inside of it. I had never even thought that
something like this existed in the first place, and trying to put it on was
painful to say the least. I was not prepared for something like this in the
least, and all I could do was think about the reason as to why my partner would
insist on me wearing something like this. I wasn’t aware that I had upset
anyone recently and I was scared to see what would happen if I had actually
done something to upset my partner in any way. But on the other hand, it’s not
exactly about someone being angry at you as you’ll see if you give it a try.


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Happy Male Chastity Men

Happy Male Chastity Men

chastity men will talk about how great it feels to have their cocks locked up
inside a small cage, unable to get an erection. On the other hand, all those
guys that have never felt something like that before find it difficult to fully
understand. They don’t comprehend that wearing something like this can actually
make them see their life in a completely new light. It’s almost as if they were
completely missing out on a lot of things that they didn’t even know they were
missing out on until they actually strapped one of these chastity devices on
for themselves.

One thing
that almost all of the male chastity men will agree on is that they are much
happier after wearing their chastity devices for longer periods of time. This
is because they have been able to gain control over their urges to the point
where they can wear their device without getting an erection. If you can do
that, then you will know what true happiness is all about and what it means to
finally be in control of every aspect of your life regardless of what other
people may think about your crazy and perverted way of life. Besides, they are
a lot of fun to wear and it’s something you need to try at least once.


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Remember that You’re Wearing a Male Chastity Men Item

Remember that You’re Wearing a Male Chastity Men Item

Most male
chastity men will tell you that wearing a chastity device is going to be
strange for the first couple of days. While this is true, after about a week or
so, you will start to notice that you are so comfortable in your device that
you forget you even have it on. I have had plenty of moments in my life where I
forgot that I was wearing it and ended up making a complete fool of myself. If
you find that you are forgetting that you are wearing one of these devices, you
should do whatever you can to remember it.

Most of the
times when I forget that I am wearing my male chastity men device, I usually
end up standing up at a urinal. Thankfully, I am aware that I have a device on
about the time I unzip my pants, but if there is someone else standing there,
then I usually have to do my best to relieve myself anyway. It would look odd
if I suddenly stepped away from the urinal and went into a stall. Hopefully,
you won’t have to go through anything like that and will remember that you are
wearing a very sexy device under your pants.


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Male chastity men wearing a cock disply with cock ring/anal plug

Male chastity men wearing a penis disply with cock ring/anal plug