Male chastity men and butt plugs

Most male chastity men including myself have felt many thing shoved up our butts. Licku for me I enjoy it but I would never let my girlfriend know. Master always think their male chasitity men are not into anal and many enjoy forcing it on them as a form of humiliation. I have talked to many of male chastity men who carry around the same secret as me. We have to act like we hate it. When I am fucked by my GF wearing a strap on or one of her friends she refers to as real me have a go at my ass I always show pain and displeasure. I know what turns them on but these are times that I feel like I am in control. That does not happen offen and again many male chastity men I know feel the same exact way. I am posting a photo of an anal plug powered suit that I enjoy wearing to pool parties, the beach and sometimes all day long as underwear. How awesome is it to get fucked by your swimsuit!


This design is from the mens swimwear collection


Male chastity men wearing anal plug swimsuit

Male chastity men ass instructor

Most Male chastity men need an ass instructor but in this case the ass instructor is a device for male chastity men to wear. It is a cock stretcher which most male chastity men need. More often then not male chastity men do have tiny cocks, not all but most and a little stretching or a lot of stretching will get that little guy to grow. This design includes a large anal hook that puts quite a bit of upward force pushing deep inside you another thing many male chastity men crave. If you are not teaching your male chastity men how to take it up the ass you are doing us all a disservice.


The design below is from the mens swimwear, spandex fetish wear and cock display wear collection. They also offer a full line of male chastity cages. Amazing designs for men who want something very special.


male chastity men cock stretcher

Male chastity men rectal exam

Male chastity men and the anal exam.


Male chastity men are always the subject of some form of
humiliation it comes with the territory.
Anal exams just for fun and often in front of other men and women is not
unusual for male chastity men. I have included a photo of my Girlfriend doing a
multi finger rectal exam while be photographed. She loves whoring it up for the
camera and as most hard core male chastity men do when demanded I let it be
done.  There are even shots of her
fisting me and showing her friends how to do it. Shortly after this photo she
had two friends of hers use me as a play thing. A husband and wife looking for
something different and male chastity men were on their menu. I did not even
know these friends but before I knew it the wife was fucking me with a large
strap on to the delight of everyone in the room but me. It was way too large
for me. When she was done her husband started in on me. He was large but
smaller than the dildo. The only benefit I received was both my girlfriend and
his wife got so excited they started in on each other and before the husband
blew his load in my very lubed up ass the girls took turns sucking my tiny cock
until I popped a load in both of their mouths. As all male chastity men know it
is very unusual for us to be allowed any pleasure in that type of situation.
Needless to say I am grateful.


Male chastity men anal practice

I would say most guys reading this are either male chastity men, thinking about becoming one of the special male chastity men or might be on his way to be a forced male chastity men. Little matters once you are there. One of the things I tell other male chastity men is to do has much anal training ass you can. Once your cock is locked away your only constant source of sex might be anal. For male chastity men who have never had anal sex that could be a worry but with practice we can all get great at it and use it as a way to get around our caged cocks. offers an entire line of what I call anal wear. Check their site at mens swimwear to take a look and be blown away. This one is on the wild side. I have it and it can make you cum on it’s own.


Male chastity men anal sex