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Male chastity men


Thinking about becoming one of us male chastity men? There
are many benefits to being male chastity men. Yes you will need to give up
control of your sexual, masculine and other parts of your personality but being
male chastity men you will experience sensations you might never of imagined.
The most intense orgasms ever once you are allowed to have one, the feeling of
giving service as a slave some one in control i.e. your master or partner,
girlfriend, wife. Male chastity men get used to it and come to enjoy it. There
is the pleasure of having your cock locked up all day and night and you not
being able to pleasure it. Most male chastity men are forced to wear cock cages
and these cock cages are very effective for control of sex. Just like the one
shown below.  male chastity devices by


Manless male chastity device by

Manless male chastity device by


Male chastity men and sissy men devices

Male Chastity Men

There are a
few male chastity men out there that
are looking for new ways to enjoy their newfound fetish. They know all about
the different sites online that have the ultra-advanced items that they can
wear while they are in one of their sessions with their Mistress or Master, but
sometimes that is just not enough. That is when they need to go to
and see what kind of items they can purchase so that they can enjoy their
fetish even when they are hard at work.

A lot of
those male chastity men that are
wearing devices from are professional men that run large
companies all while wearing a chastity device the entire time they are at work.
That may seem a bit odd, but once you realize the amount of comfort you can get
out of wearing these items from, it becomes a lot easier to fully
understand. Sometimes you just have to give in to that side of you that wants
to be different, and those professionals are willing to do just that. It could
be part of the reason why they are so successful and happy in their lives, too.

If you want
to be like those professional male
chastity men
in the world, then maybe you should take a look at
chastity devices. Once you wear one, you will find the benefits of being able
to wear a device while you are working and understand that controlling your own
urges is much better than just being a slave for a couple of hours on the
weekend. You might just learn that you can live a happy and productive life and
still maintain the fetish you adore so much as well, and that is always
something that will make any man smile about. mens swimwear, spandex fetish wear, Lycra sex wear and yes a full line of male chastity devices. The one below is the Manless Sissy cock cage for tiny to small cocks like yours and mine!


Male chastity men cock cage by

Male chastity men cock cage

Male chastity men Real men

Seems funny to use the term male chastity men which by nature are borderline real men, many are just kept as slaves and the term real men. For today’s posting of the male chastity men blog we are using the term real men not for men that do not use male chastity cock cages, by the way there are many real men that are being forced to wear male chastity cock cages. We are using the term for the types of photos we will be posting in this male chastity men blog. I am not sure why so many people are afraid to show the beauty of the male body. You can see women’s bodies everywhere with almost any thing you can imagine being done to them sexually. Not sure why that is OK but with this blog we will try to get past the bull shit of what is OK to show and what is not and just show anything we want when it comes to male chastity men. I hope you enjoy our blog and please share it with friends!


Micro male chastity device on a very tiny penis. Men’s penis size is all over the place and men with tiny cocks should still be proud.