No rest for male chastity men

Male chastity men


It gets worse. Male chastity men by nature put up with a lot
of shit from their wives, master and Dom’s.

It what male chastity men like myself are used to. Sometimes
we are treated as tools and sometimes we are taken care of like real people.
The other day I wrote about getting back at my wife even though it started out
by her having her boyfriend fuck and abuse me it ended wonderfully. I knew
there would be hell to pay but had no idea in what form it would take. After
blowing my load in my wife’s face at the request of her boyfriend  she acted as though she was not bothered by
it but I know she felt humiliated by it, funny thing is that is how she always
treats me. It was a little of her own medicine but she did not seem to like the
taste of it. We were getting along fine for a couple weeks after that. No BF’s
screwing here or me and only one GF dropping by and having her fun with me
which entailed the largest dildo she could find attached to a strap-on. This
one loves to take me to the bathroom and do a complete enema on me first. This
is something I like and she always makes sure I am completely clean. I have
talked to many other male chastity men who tell me the enemas are part of their
daily life and many have said they are used as forms of humiliation. One friend
tells me his girlfriend does enemas on him at parties in front of people when
she gets drunk. My girl had something special in the way of payback for me. I
thought everything was cool after a couple weeks without a word about it. She
told me we were going to a party Friday night and offered no other info. Friday
night came and she told me to wear jeans but to make sure I was wearing panties
that were sheer if she decided to show me off. We arrived at the party at a non
descript industrial building. There must have been over 100 people there a mix
of all ages, types, races, so on.  Once
inside my heart dropped into my stomach. I noticed a number of other male
chastity men being led around in chock chains and hands cuffed behind their
backs. My wife looked at me and said don’t worry your little bitch self it is
going to be fun! We walked around and there was all forms of sexual acts taking
place. It was fun and interesting watching other people have all forms of sex.
Oral, anal, spanking, scenes, rope play and well to many crazy things to
name.  The whole place was like a Dungeon
in fact that was what it was. She took me to a room with a large wooden X. The
X was larger then a man and had cuff hooks on all for corners. She said take
your clothing off now. I did as I was told.
Once nude she caged my cock in a steel chastity devices and dropped the
keys in her purse. She had me spread my arms and legs and cuffed me to the
large wooden X. Spread arms and legs ass facing out, cock securely caged. She
then took out her lipstick and wrote something on my back. It turned out to
say. Finger me, fuck me, do what you want with an arrow pointing to my Ass hole. I
asked her not to do this and she slapped my exposed balls hard with her hand
knocking the wind out of me. I might of already started to tear up when she
placed a ball gag into my mouth.  Funny
how straight guys get turned on by a round girl like hairless ass. No less than
five men took turns fucking me and the only thing I could think of was please
no big cocks. As it turns out none was larger than average and a couple were
tiny and felt good. Not one of the men were ruff on me though two of them took
turns pumping and blowing their loads on my ass then having their
girlfriends(both slaves like me) lick up the cum. A group of Dom girls were not
so nice. Using large strap on dildos each one took turns at me while filming it
and taunting me that it would be online in the morning. After they were done my
wife let me off by un-locking the cuffs. I literally fell to the ground where the
group of Dom’s spanked my balls and had my wife take off the chastity device so
they could torture my shaft. As everyone at the party watched the girls would
get me to the point of orgasm and one would sit on my face pussy covering my
mouth and nose so I could not breath. This went on for a while. I know that I
was forced to take a Viagra and had a number of other male chastity men, slaves
ride my cock as I laid there with a very stiff cock. Honestly I felt bad for
them but I still blew a good three loads inside them through-out the night, happy that it
was not my hole be punished any longer.

Pussy boy payback

Male chastity men


She calls me a pussy boy.

My wife has moved on to the point of getting her pleasure
from the complete control and humiliation of me. Even though we are married
early on she treated me like a feminine man another thing many male chastity
men have in common. She calls me her little pussy boy and uses this nick name
around her girlfriends and my friends. She tells me she loves me but keeps my
cock caged up. A number of years ago she started dating other men stating that
she needed real men to fuck her. This made me even more unhappy to know she not
only considered my more a girlfriend but she needed to date real men for the
sex I could not give her. As bad as that seems in the last couple of years it
has got much worse. She brings her boyfriend’s home and makes me service them
in front of her and sometimes her friends. I always considered myself straight
but she forces me to blow them, have them load in my mouth and she even lets
many of her boy and girl friends perform anal sex on me. She supplies the girls
strap-on dildos and lets the men cum inside of me. This now happens all the
time. One of the guys she dates is such an asshole before he fucks her almost
always in front of me he pulls me over to them dips his hand in lube and shoves
as many fingers as he can inside of me while my wife is blowing him. He then
brags how he can last all night and cum over and over again. He always fucks me
first saying how much tighter I am then my wife. I must say I enjoyed the other
night. After he finished with me blowing a huge load up inside a few minutes
later he was hard and had my wife doggy style. She never does anal but before
she could say a thing he had lubed up her ass and was fucking her. Pounding her
as she moaned in pain. I loved it. While he was pumping that ass he made her
give me the key to unlock the chastity device. He had me stand over her and while
he was pumping her he smiled tenderly at me and took my cock in his mouth.  I almost fell in love! When I was ready to cum
he forced me to blow my load in my wives face. I knew there would be hell to
pay and did not care. Her eyes were watering from the pain of him relentlessly  pumping her asshole with his very large cock.
While she looked up at me thinking what the hell are you doing I spewed my load
in her eyes and it dripped down her face. He made her eat every last bit of my
cum. The days following this excitement thing would get much worse for me but
for now I was one of the few happy male chastity men.

Male chastity men humiliation

Male chastity men


Some male chastity men choose to be controlled by others.
Some male chastity men want to be caged, locked up and have no control but
there are male chastity men like myself that are forced into it. I am not sure
how it even happened but I am no one of a group of male chastity men that are
treated like slaves by our wives, girlfriends and there are men in our group
that are controlled the same way by their boyfriends and husbands. My story is
not unique. I am in my late 30s and have been married to a very domineering
woman for over ten years. She has always been in control of everything. Finances,
who I could be friends with, where we
went to dinner, when we would have sex and what type of sex that would be along
with almost every other part of daily life. Who I could talk to, what I could
wear, the type of haircut I could have and on and on. She makes me go to the
beauty shop with her and has all the hair on my body waxed including a full
Brazilian Bikini wax. She lets her friends watch and even other women she meets
at the saloon. She tells them how nice it looks and then says watch my husband
get waxed she tells them I love it and it does not hurt. She tells me privately
that she will keep my cocked locked up for a month in one of many male chastity
cages she has for me if I even make a peep. She has had all her girlfriends
watch and once there must have been six women watching. They let new girls
working at the salon work on me. I am completely nude and everything is
inspected by my wife to make sure there is not a hair left. She spreads my hole
and tells her friends to feel how clean and smooth it is. Like a little girls
pussy which is often how she treats it.  I have talked to many other male chastity men
who are treated the same way and when it comes down to it, it is a form of
control and humiliation.


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