Male chastity and the right tools

Like they say you are only as good as your tools and when it comes to male chastity training good tools and the know how to use them is a must. It goes without saying that most male chastity men are trained using a cock cage. Control of sexual pleasure is a must and that includes masturbation. Supervision is also extremely important. Punishment fits into male chastity men control and the photo I have included today is of a very effective metal ball crusher. You can punish, humiliate and control using these extreme devices.


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Male chastity training

Male Chastity Men Life

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The life of male chastity men seem to be really interesting. Although I haven’t
really had the chance to talk to anyone of them, I kind of think that they are
amazing in their own way. I mean as male chastity men, wouldn’t it be great to
experience yourself and your entire body and interact with it as regularly as
you possibly can without any limits or without second guessing?


I think building this kind of close
relationship with yourself is as important as you can think of building
relationships with other people. Especially if you are the kind of person who
wants to be able to explore and go beyond the boundaries you have set, then
perhaps becoming male chastity men
at least once in your lifetime can become a great idea for you.


I am particularly excited with the thought
because I believe that it will open endless doors of opportunities for me. I
bet it’s going to be a great opportunity because people like me will be able to
really tell ourselves that we’re good at what we do and the people that we
interact closely with will also be able to say the same thing about themselves
as male chastity men.


Male chastity

Male chastity consists of many types of controls. There are the standard cock cages for sexual and masturbation denial. The are devices for milking so the slave or male chastity man is at least cleaned of excess semen. There are many other male chastity devices for training but there are also device for punishment. Cock and Ball crushers fall into that category. There must be punishment to make forced male chastity work along with humiliation. I have found the cock crushing and ball crushing are very effective forms of punishment when used on male chastity slaves. After and intense session they are no longer interested in having sex. To humiliate my slaves more at times I will have another man or a women wearing a strap-on fuck the slave who is being crushed. I have included a picture of a ball crusher to give you an idea of how it works. You need to work slowly with these devices because pain is the idea but not permanent damage. Male masters should try using these items on themselves to familiarize themselves with how to inflict the correct amount of pressure.


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See how the balls butterfly out when crushed.

Male chastity ball crushing by

Male chastity ball crushing


Male chastity men ultra femdom

Male Chastity Men

Just like
other male chastity men in the
world, I enjoy wearing my chastity device as often as possible. Unfortunately,
I do a lot of travelling by plane and this means that I have to keep my device
in my luggage until I reach my destination. This is a common thing that I have
learned to accept over the years and something that any guy willing to partake
in this kind of sexual fetish should do as well. You just can’t make it through
a security check point every time you are wearing something like this.

Other male chastity men that aren’t
travelling by plane as often as I do seem to have the golden life that I have
always wanted. They get to wear their devices for days on end while I am only
allowed a few days at the most before I have to fly off again to somewhere new.
Although, I would prefer to live that life, I am perfectly happy with the
ability to wear my device whenever I get the chance, and I take those chances
as often as I possibly can these days. It would be nice if I could wear them on
the plane, though.

If you are considering
taking part in this fetish like other male
chastity men,
you need to remember that most devices on the market are
going to set off a metal detector. This doesn’t just mean the ones in airports,
either. Any detector can be set off with a chastity device and, because of that;
care should be taken in where you are wearing your device. Unless you have no
problems with telling complete strangers what you have on under your clothing,
then it might be a good idea to plan your day out as best you can so as to
avoid issues like security check points.


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Male chastity men ready for action by fem wear for men

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Male chastity men and all the cock cages

Owning a male
chastity men
device shows how open you are to any sexual fantasy. It is
like wanting to get sex but not getting it so easily. It is a type of
constraining ones sexual urges so that when the right time comes, he will be so
pumped up and ready to pounce!  Give your
man like how I give mine. He so loves it and it makes all our sexual escapades
very lively and spicy.  It could seem
different at first but in the long run, it will be great.


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Trying something new for the spice of your
sexual activities is what makes the moment fun and exciting. Using toys and
other gadgets like the male chastity men
devices are like tools to make the night kinkier. You cannot get enough of it
once you gave in to try. It will feel so good that you will want to get the
latest and the trendiest as soon as it is out in the market for sale. Do not
think about what people may say. They do not know what you have on anyhow. I
wear mine only at home with the man I sleep with, but come to think of it,
maybe I should try to wear it under my pants when I go out.

Be Reborn as Male Chastity Men

Be Reborn as Male Chastity Men

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Male chastity



One of the dreams I want to become would have to be male chastity men. It’s like I am
obliged to be pure at heart and to be pure when it comes to sex. It’s like I am
giving my all which I normally do and my partner has no other choice but to
accept my all and touch me in all places imaginable. I like this kind of
feeling. In fact, I love it.


Male chastity men for me kind of makes me the better version of myself. Where there
is lust, there is passion and sometimes I forget that the two need to coexist.
It’s important to create a mirage between two people who do not only speak the
same language in sex but if possible also in love. It can be a really great


And at the moment, I speaking with so much passion kept inside of me
because as a male chastity men, I am
able to explore myself without limits or boundaries and I am able to recreate a
sexual universe where everything is absolutely possible without amiss. Try
becoming one, it will really change your life for the better.

Male chastity men and mens cock wear gear

To be able for you to know more about trinkets and toys
to make your sexual activity more fun and alive, try the male chastity men items. There are plenty to choose from today. If
your man is uncertain about wearing chastity items, but you are not, try to
explain to him how it will affect your sexual life. It is meant to light up the
each moment and spice up the sex. This is a proven thing by other chastity
users. It makes the hormones kick.

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Male chastity men
devices come in many sizes and looks. The most common that many have already
tried is the cage chastity device. However, since you are using it for the
first time, try something more pliable and elastic just like a lycra make
thong.  This will make you and him feel
more confident to try since it is not made of total steel. It has cock rings
and ball crushers too with ties in the right places. This would be a good first
item for you to use. When the time comes when you and him are confident and
used to wearing it, then you can go ahead and try the kinkier ones. Go for the
stainless cage!

Male chastity men spread and ready

Male Chastity Men Will Always Be The Top Choice

I have heard of guys looking for the best type of swimwear they will
wear this summer. It’s always exciting to hear them converse in this topic
especially when these are manly guys wanting to experiment. It just makes them
too irresistably hot! Of course, I would butt in their conversation and tell
them that male chastity men is just
one step away from their dream.

Male chastity men spread and ready by extreme sex waer

Male chastity men spread and ready by


It’s exciting when these men who seem to be virgins in being male chastity men think of becoming one
really soon. It’s like they are in an entry passage and they cannot be stopped.
If only they could touch themselves or each other, I am sure they would have
done it. Unfortunately, they just can’t.




So if you’re thinking of actually becoming male chastity men but feeling quite shy about it, think of all the
other men out there who are probably like you, wanting to be just the same. You
see, it’s never too late to experiment especially if you know for a fact that
you can give justice to what you are about to do in bed.


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Male chastity men forced fem

The male chastity
are being used for several reasons.  Some men like to use it to pump up the
adrenaline when they are doing the deed. In some cases like my relationship
with my man, I want to keep it spicy at all times. I like to make the move and
initiate the moment whenever I get the chance so that I will have the control
of the night. He is much willing to cooperate whenever I do that, so we have no


Male chastity men forced sissy by sex and fem wear

Male chastity men forced sissy by sex and fem wear


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One time I took a trip to this adult store and looked
around for something different to try for the night. I found many types of new
sexy underwear for us to use but what caught my eye was this male chastity men
silver cage. It tickled my curiosity that I just had to buy it. So I did.
Brought it home and waited for him to come. As soon as he came home, I took the
item out my bag and showed it to him. He made these big rounded eyes to his
surprise. And to my surprise, he had really wanted to try it too. We had a
wonderful night that time. I will do it again.

Male chastity men and the caged cock

I love spending the night with my friends drinking several glasses
of booze and just playing around with each other. I especially love it when
everyone’s too drunk and so we all just oblige to playing obscene games. Male chastity men is definitely an
exciting thought and I always want to experience this kind of happy sensation. mens swimwear sex wear male chastity penis display and fem wear for men


Male chastity men by male chastity gear

Male chastity men by


What we will usually do is that we will just strip all of our
clothes off and play sexual games. We will kiss each other or blow each other’s
cock for a few seconds depending on what card we pick. Sometimes we will also
put each other’s dick inside each other’s butts and then we will experiment and
dance in this rather crazy position. It’s a great experience because other than
satifying our lust, we are able to develop trust with each other – all because
of male chastity men.


Now that I shared with you some ideas on how to have the best time
of your life by just having total fun with your friends and some random people
from your circle, it’s about time for you to think of your own games and
experience how it is to be into male
chastity men
like never before.