Proclaim a Male Chastity Men Holiday

Proclaim a Male Chastity Men Holiday

The male
chastity men that I hang out with all love their chastity devices and aren’t
afraid to tell people about them. I, however, would prefer to keep things like
this secret as I don’t think anyone around me would be acceptable of the fact
that I have my cock locked up inside a small cage. I can talk to those other
guys about it all I want, but my friends and family would think I have lost my
mind. I just wish that more people were open minded about their sexual
appetites and could accept that other people may be different in what they

Male chastity men. Forced to have his tiny penis stretched by

Male chastity men. Forced to have his small penis stretched by

I think
there should be a male chastity men holiday that would allow guys like me to go
out in public and proclaim to the world that they love wearing a chastity
device. Maybe if more people out there understood that everyone has some kind
of fetish or sexual preference regardless of who they are, then more people
would be willing to accept the differences that occur naturally. It could be
the sign of change that the world needs in order to live in peace; of course it
could just be a lot of fun to run around naked with your chastity device showing,

Can You Be One of Those Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men

Can You Be One of Those Male Chastity Men

By now, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about a
male chastity men. You may even know some of them personally. In the course of
your research on this topic, or while you’re talking about it with guys in the
lifestyle, you might have wondered if this is something that you may want to
get involved with. However, before you go jumping into something like this feet
first, you should be sure that you’re a man that can actually live this way.

If you’re a man that has to be in control of every
aspect of his life one hundred percent of the time, then you most likely should
find something else to kink up your sex life a little. The one thing you must
remember is that those male chastity men literally turn over their sexual
pleasure to another person. Unless you’re willing to do this and be comfortable
about it, this isn’t the lifestyle for you. It’s nothing to feel bad about, but
you just aren’t cut out to wear chastity devices unless it’s temporary. Many men
do things that way because they just want to play around with it. If that’s
you, then you should be careful not to mention that to men in the real
lifestyle. They may be a bit upset with you.

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Male chastity men cock cage by anal and cock gear

Male chastity men cock cage by anal and cock gear

Male Chastity Men and their Devices

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men and their Devices

Most male
chastity men look forward to wearing their chastity devices as long as
possible. They understand that the only way they are going to get any benefits
out of items like this is to actually close that lock and not open it again
until they simply can’t stand it anymore. If that sounds like something you are
willing to do for yourself, then you could end up finding out why so many guys
out there are willing to give everything they have in order to wear one of
these devices.

You need to
understand that most male chastity men are wearing these devices no matter what
they are doing during the day. This means they are wearing them when they get
up in the morning, when they head off to work that day, and when they lay down
to go to sleep every night. In fact, there isn’t a time in their lives when
they aren’t wearing one of these devices and enjoying every single second of
it. That is the type of commitment you have to be willing to put into this
lifestyle if you want to find the passion inside for being truly chaste in your
own personal life.

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Male chastity men slave boy having his cock crushed gear

Male chastity men bad boy having his cock crushed gear

Getting to Know More Male Chastity Men

Chastity Men

to Know More Male Chastity Men

Something that you might miss out on when you’re in
a male chastity lifestyle is the social interaction with other male chastity
men. Not just every guy can bring himself to tell his every day friends that
he’s wearing a cage locked around his cock. If he only had his own little group
of friends that also wore cages around their cocks, then he would feel
comfortable and at ease. He would also have other guys that he could discuss
the various aspects living this kind of lifestyle. There will be little stories
and experiences to trade about how many times the cage had stopped a random
erection and even what had caused that erection attempt.

Put simply, these other male chastity men will fully
understand everything you have to say if you’re a guy with his cock locked up
in a cage. You can even exchange Key Holder stories, although you probably
shouldn’t tell those in the presence of your Key Holder or you’ll most likely
be punished in some that you won’t like. Of course, you can tell all of the
flattering stories about your Key Holder that you want. The point is that if
you look in the right places, you may find plenty of guys of like mind to form
your own group of special friends.

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Enjoy your Life with Male Chastity

Enjoy your Life with Male Chastity

There are a
lot of things in life that can show you a different side of who you are, but
none of them can do it like wearing male
devices. These intricate items can definitely bring an entirely
different aspect into your life with very little effort on your part. You just
have to be willing to try one on for a few days and see what happens to you. It
will start to become obvious that nothing you have ever done before will match
the level of confidence you can gain from wearing something like this for one

Just the
thought of gaining confidence in your life by wearing something that locks your
cock up into a tight little package would make most guys think they are going
insane. The truth is that once you start wearing a device that takes sexual
frustrations out of your life there is nothing left to hold you back. You can
gain all the confidence you need to make those difficult decisions in life and
live as happily as you ever could. That is what making this kind of decision
can do for you these days.

Now there
are some male chastity wearers in
the world that think they have all the secrets to the universe locked up with
them. Of course, that isn’t true by far, but you can definitely start to see
things in a different light if you were willing to try one. It may feel a bit
strange at first, but you will get used to it over time. Once you understand
that you can go days without worrying about an erection embarrassing you in
some way you will feel much better about yourself. You just need to pick out a
design that will handle any situation you might find yourself in.

You need to
be aware that you have to wear a chastity device for a decent amount of time
before you can actually gain anything from it. This means that you will have to
go to work in your device as well as everywhere else you normally go. Now, you
are going to have to make sure that the device you are wearing will be hidden
safely from view while you are out in public. You don’t want some unsightly
bulge betraying you when someone happens to glance at your crotch, now do you?

Your male chastity device needs to fit
perfectly so that you can benefit from using it and has to be low profile
enough to allow you to do all the things you want to do without showing it off
to everyone in sight. This is going to require you to do some research on the
items that are available for you to purchase, and you should spend enough time
looking around to make sure you are happy with what you are buying. Nothing is
worse than having a chastity device show up in the mail that you can’t wear
anywhere except in the bedroom.

You will
come to notice that there are few things you can’t wear with your chastity
device if you pick out the right one. Now, you may not be able to wear swimwear
all that comfortably if you want to hang out on the beach; at least not the
stuff that you purchase at your local discount stores. There are some options
that you can find online that are specifically designed to be worn with a
chastity device if you don’t mind showing off a good bit of your body in the

Since you
can wear your male chastity device
just about anywhere, there is no reason why you can’t live the life that you
have always wanted. There is no reason to keep yourself locked up in your home
just because you are wearing a chastity device anymore. A few decades ago, you
wouldn’t have wanted to wear a chastity device out in public because they were
so cumbersome, but newer technology has given you options that will allow you
to travel just about anywhere you might want to go. Just think about how much
fun you could be having while still maintaining a chaste lifestyle.

So, now that
you know you can head out to the clubs on the weekend and still wear your
chastity device, what is stopping you from purchasing one? Are you afraid that
you aren’t going to be able to wear a device for as long as you need to? Or
maybe you think that wearing something like this is going to bring your
sexuality into question. Well, you should know that there are plenty of gay and
straight men out there that are currently wearing these devices on a regular
basis, and it isn’t changing their sexuality at all.

You can wear
any kind of male chastity device you
want to without having to worry about making any kind of fashion statement to
impress people. You see, no one is going to know that you are wearing a device
unless you start walking around without your clothes on and basically pointing
it out to every stranger that walks by. If you are planning on doing that, then
you might want to pick out something that is a bit showy and gets the attention
that you deserve. Otherwise, you can pick out any design you think will look
good on you.

everything is said and done, your decision to wear a chastity device is your
own to make. You are the only one that can come to the final decision on
whether or not you are going to wear something like this, unless you wake up
one morning and find that you already have a device like this on and the key is
nowhere to be seen. If that is the case, then your partner is the one making
the decision for you and you are going to have to do whatever it takes to make
them happy enough to get that cage unlocked. No matter what, though, wearing a
device like this should be exciting for you and allow you to enjoy your life
like never before.

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Enjoying Solitary Male Chastity

Enjoying Solitary Male Chastity

One of the
things I have noticed about my male
experience is that I now have a greater acceptance of things
around me that I never paid any attention to in the past. The grass seems
greener, the flowers smell better, and even the sky is bluer all thanks to the
fact that I am not distracted by what my cock is doing in my pants. Now that my
mind is on the things around me, it’s so much easier to enjoy life and have as
much fun as I can possibly have. This is certainly something that I would never
have dreamed could happen just because of a little device. But that’s exactly
what has happened for me and it can happen that way for you, too, if you want.

Now, I have
had other things in my life that I have enjoyed wearing, but there is nothing
out there that can compare to what these chastity devices will do for you. In
fact, if you take everything that you currently own that makes you happy, roll
it all up into a little ball, that is the type of feeling you are going to have
while wearing something like this. Words really can’t describe the sensations
that your body will go through when you hear that lock clicking together and
know that there is nothing you can do about it until you are allowed to take it
off again.

I don’t have
a Key Holder to speak of, so my male
progress is done by using a time safe. I simply put the key in the
safe, input the amount of time I want it to remain locked and go about my life.
Of course, if you are going to do something like this for the first time, then
you will probably want to make sure that you can handle the amount of time you
are putting into that safe. Nothing is worse than finding out you can’t go that
long and the safe is still locked. However, I’ve learned that I’ve got more self-control
than I thought I would since I’m the one that’s in control of how long I can
keep the device on without removing it.

When I first
started I only put in a couple of days for the time safe and if I felt that I
could go longer, then I would add another day to it. In this way, I had the
option of being able to take my device off every day at a specific time. If I
didn’t feel the need or I was comfortable with continuing to wear it, then I
could go another day or two until I was ready to take it off. This really
helped me build up my stamina and patience after a few weeks.

It has been
almost two months since the last time the safe opened for my male chastity key and I am just as
happy today as I was two months ago. I have had no issues with needing to take
my device off and I have started to see everything around me in a completely
different way. Best of all, I have found a partner that loves the fact that I
am wearing a device like this so that she can enjoy spending more time with me
without sex coming into the middle of things. It lets us know each other on a
much deeper level.

I told her
right away that I was wearing a chastity device so that if she felt it was odd
she could freely walk away without anyone getting hurt. I also didn’t want to
spring something like that on her out of nowhere. I could just imagine the look
on her face after a night out; sitting on the bed getting ready to explore our
sexuality together and my pants come down. The glistening metal of my chastity
cage reflecting in the candle light as she screams and runs away.

Yes, any guy
that is interested in male chastity
but doesn’t have anyone special in his life needs to consider something like
that happening every time he meets someone. Sometimes it’s better to just come
out and tell that person that you have a locked cage around your cock rather
than to surprise them with something that they aren’t going to understand. If
you tell them first, like I did, then there is a good chance that you can have
an actual discussion about it and explain why you are wearing it. It sure beats
looking like a complete pervert by a total stranger.

We have been
together for a month now and she is very excited for the safe to finally open
so that we can have some fun together. We do very well with me pleasing all of
her needs, but she is looking forward to a bit more than just foreplay. I just
hope that I can hold up my end of the deal because she can go for hours and my
poor little guy hasn’t seen any action for a very long time. I am sure that I
will explode way too early for her, but I will try to keep going regardless.

No matter
what you might think about guys wearing male
items and not having a partner to share it with, if you just tried
it out you would understand. It’s not about the sex when you don’t have a
partner around you. It’s about letting yourself enjoy the life that is around
you and seeing things differently. The wonders that are around us are
outstanding, but I never saw them before I started wearing my device. That is
something that you are going to have to experience on your own someday.

Go out there
and see what chastity items can do for you. You can wear one all the time and
see things you never saw in the past, and then go home and ponder those things
like never before. Whereas, before, you would have been looking at any ass that
happened to walk by and get a stir out of you. If you take the sex out of
everyday life, then you are going to find that you have been missing out on a
lot of things. But wearing your chastity device means that you can start
enjoying those things on a regular basis. Even if you aren’t enjoying them, you
can at least notice that they are there and plan on enjoying them later on if
the time is right for you.

Male chastity cock cage by  Full line of cock gear

Male chastity cock cage by Full line of cock gear

Prepare for Public Embarrassment with Male Chastity Men Devices

Male Chastity Men

Prepare for Public Embarrassment with
Male Chastity Men Devices

One of the
most common things that all male chastity men out there have to go through when
first wearing their devices and choosing this lifestyle is the embarrassment
factor. Now, not all men would think that it would be embarrassing to wear
something like this, but thinking that and actually wearing one in public is
completely different. There is going to be at least one time, early on, when
you are going to feel extremely embarrassed because someone is going to notice
that there is something different about your crotch. There are only so many
ways you can hide something like this after all.

Most of the
male chastity men are going to have this embarrassment show up while using a
restroom in public. The fact that you are going to have to sit down in order to
pee is going to be noticed by others around you if you were always one of those
men that always used a urinal in the past. This is something you need to think
about every day that you are wearing a chastity device if you don’t want those
around you to be aware of what you are wearing. It may not seem like a big
issue at first, but other guys will become aware of certain changes in your
life quite easily.


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More of my male chastity training

Continued from a couple days ago.


Male chastity and me

So had did it all start. My girlfriend and I were in a very
vanilla relationship. Regular sex though she knew I sometimes had sex with
other men and I was completely open about it and if she was interested in
having sex with other women that would be great too. Looking back there were
little signs that I picked up from here that should have offered warning but
they were very subtle sign and I feel most men would have missed them too.
Early on my girlfriend was into anal sex but she preferred to do things to me.
During sex she would always probe with her fingers. At first I was
uncomfortable with this type of play mostly because I had never had a woman do
this to me but she loved doing it and over time I enjoyed it. I had no idea at
the time that many women who are into male chastity training use this as a
control method and milking becomes a regular deal for many male chastity men.
She started by fingering my ass while I was fucking her but after I would
finish she would continue trying to work more fingers in.  She would tell me she enjoyed the feel of
being inside of me and the play would lead to multiple orgasms on my part. One
day she told me she would like to use a strap on dildo on me and that this
night would be just for pleasing me. Another control I found out later that
many women view using a strap on dildo with a man as a dominate position. I
wanted to make her happy so I let her. She would pound me for hours loving the
feeling of being in control. She started off with very small dildos but over a
few months worked her way up to larger and larger ones where I went from small
4” models to thick 8” dildos. This was all part of her plan. Each time she went
to a larger size she would let me know how proud she was of me which of course
made me feel good and how excited it got her which was true often her vagina
would be dripping wet after my orgasm but she would not let me enter her. It
was always her sitting on my face eating it until she had a massive orgasm
squirting her juice all over my face. I know now that face sitting is another
male chastity method used in training but back when we were doing it for me it
was all about pleasing her.

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Male chastity Make Him Obey You

Make Him Obey You

The thought
of wearing a male chastity device is
something that can make some men fall on their knees and beg for mercy from
their partners. These guys know that their partners are serious when they start
talking about locking their cocks up in a device that actually causes pain when
you get an erection. Now, this is a great way of controlling your male partner
for the most part, but if you use it as an idle threat, then eventually they
are going to figure out that you don’t actually have a device and they will
start to defy you at every turn.

This means
that you are actually going to have to go to and purchase a male chastity device. In this way, you
can show them that you actually own one and you aren’t afraid to use it if that
is what you need to do. Make sure they understand that once it gets put o,n
there is nothing they can do to take it off and they will do whatever you ask
them to. To prove your point, you should let them hold it for a bit so that
they can see exactly what is going to happen to them if they defy you one more


Photo below is a male being forced into some girl time with his vagina exposed. This is done for fem training, sissy training, male chastity, slave training and just letting your man get in touch with his innner feminine being. Vagina training can be an effective form of male humiliation and can be used with male chastity cock cages, anal gear, cock gear and other feminization designs.


Male chastity vagina look suit by

Male chastity vagina look forced fem by

Important Lessons of Male Chastity

Important Lessons of Male Chastity

There are many important lessons that male chastity has to impart to the men
that are brave enough to undertake the teaching, and that’s the hard part of it
all. Turning yourself over completely to another person and giving that person
the ability to decide when you’ll get to enjoy sexual release is a pretty scary
thing. No one is doubting that. It takes a courageous man to do this. One of
the biggest lessons that chastity teaches is that of selflessness. Your Key
Holder may require you to provide sexual satisfaction while denying it for
yourself. This shows your ability to give without expecting anything in return. has a variety of male chastity devices for sale that will help you and your Key
Holder teach you the vital aspects of chastity. Not the least among these is
fidelity. Many men don’t understand the concept and they become serial
cheaters, condemned to roam around bedding everything that shows an interest
until they’re too old to be sexy anymore. When you have a Key Holder and are
wearing a chastity device, you’ll avoid this particular hindrance to having a
full and happy life in a committed relationship. That’s what makes chastity
worth it.