Proclaim a Male Chastity Men Holiday

Proclaim a Male Chastity Men Holiday

The male
chastity men that I hang out with all love their chastity devices and aren’t
afraid to tell people about them. I, however, would prefer to keep things like
this secret as I don’t think anyone around me would be acceptable of the fact
that I have my cock locked up inside a small cage. I can talk to those other
guys about it all I want, but my friends and family would think I have lost my
mind. I just wish that more people were open minded about their sexual
appetites and could accept that other people may be different in what they

Male chastity men. Forced to have his tiny penis stretched by

Male chastity men. Forced to have his small penis stretched by

I think
there should be a male chastity men holiday that would allow guys like me to go
out in public and proclaim to the world that they love wearing a chastity
device. Maybe if more people out there understood that everyone has some kind
of fetish or sexual preference regardless of who they are, then more people
would be willing to accept the differences that occur naturally. It could be
the sign of change that the world needs in order to live in peace; of course it
could just be a lot of fun to run around naked with your chastity device showing,

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