Can You Be One of Those Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men

Can You Be One of Those Male Chastity Men

By now, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about a
male chastity men. You may even know some of them personally. In the course of
your research on this topic, or while you’re talking about it with guys in the
lifestyle, you might have wondered if this is something that you may want to
get involved with. However, before you go jumping into something like this feet
first, you should be sure that you’re a man that can actually live this way.

If you’re a man that has to be in control of every
aspect of his life one hundred percent of the time, then you most likely should
find something else to kink up your sex life a little. The one thing you must
remember is that those male chastity men literally turn over their sexual
pleasure to another person. Unless you’re willing to do this and be comfortable
about it, this isn’t the lifestyle for you. It’s nothing to feel bad about, but
you just aren’t cut out to wear chastity devices unless it’s temporary. Many men
do things that way because they just want to play around with it. If that’s
you, then you should be careful not to mention that to men in the real
lifestyle. They may be a bit upset with you.

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Male chastity men cock cage by anal and cock gear

Male chastity men cock cage by anal and cock gear

Male chastity Is It Worth It?

Male Chastity Men

Is It Worth It?

When men
start thinking about trying out male chastity, they usually look into it on a
deeper level. They do this by talking to other male chastity men and visiting
online forums and communities where they can discuss the various ways of
entering into this lifestyle. They take this information and then ponder it
more closely to see if it’s something that they can do. The big question that
forms is whether or not this lifestyle is worth it or not. When you ask someone
that live this way all the time what they actually feel about it, you’ll get
various answers but the bottom line is that they all feel it’s what they’re
meant to do.

Most guys
get into this lifestyle because they’ve got a submissive personality and having
someone else in charge of their lives is exactly what they want to do. They
feel comfortable with it and actively seek out someone to figuratively crack
that whip. To these guys, a male chastity lifestyle is definitely worth it. On
the other hand, if you kind of like being your own boss, it’s probably not
going to be the lifestyle for you. Just think it through carefully before making
your choice.

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Male chastity men and being feminized

Male chastity men

Many male chastity men are forced into being sissies, feminized and treated more like a bitch than a real man. Some are forced to watch their women or masters have sex with other people. Though I would include a photo of me wearing one of my girls favorite male to female transformation suits. It does look like I have a vagina which is a good thing because I am treated like I have one!
are those special guys that would try these chastity items at least once or
twice in their life. The feeling of curiousness and adventure is what kicks
them to try one. Not to mention the kinks that lies behind their inner self.
Who would not want to explore when it is there for you ready and available?


These sexy and kinky devices are what makes the moment
with your sexual partner very spicy. It is an additive to the time when you
play on with your fetishes. It adds the turn on factor that makes the sexual
encounter more tasty and yet teasing in all its sense.  Everyone has to feed these fetishes to be
able to have a healthy sexual life. Keeping it behind and locked within you can
make you feel incomplete somehow. Let it out. There is nothing wrong with feeding
it. It is best however that you and your partner agree to this. The playful
escapades will be more than just a moment spent, it will be so memorable and
hot that you would look forward to the next one. Plan ahead and get the male chastity men devices and start the
adult sexy fun.


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Sorry no real models today. Just me being transformed into a girl.


Mal chastity men trasformation suit by total fem look

Mal chastity men trasformation suit by