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Male chastity men should be happy to know that mens swimwear is putting together one of the largest selections of male chastity men cages, anal toys and feminizing wear. Their products are amazing and they use real male chastity men as models. If a cock cage should be shown with a cock it is. I am not sure why so many companies show products without them being used. I want to see how it works and how a cock cage looks on other male chastity men. It seems like companies are afraid to show cocks. No problem showing vagina but the other haft of the puzzle is off limits. Seems very strange that one of the most beautiful parts of the male is often hidden away. I respect Koala for showing it in it’s glory.

Here is a photo I found of a hot male chastity cage.


male chastity

Male chastity men forced to be completely fem

Most male chastity men are routinely humiliated. But few are
forced to be completely feminized. The photo below shows a completely feminized
male chastity men type of suit. These are called male to female transformation
vagina style swim and fetish wear. Male chastity men as a whole are very
interested in feminization so it is up to the master or wife to decide if they
are going to go that extreme. This suit forces the shaft inside the wearer and
molds the balls into pussy lips, exposed ones at that. Many male chastity men
when forced to wear these designs are made to wear them in groups of friends
and often offered up as sex toys.  Other
male chastity men are forced to eat the wearer’s pussy while other watch and
enjoy. I have had this done to me many time and once you get of the humiliation
of it all you can learn to enjoy it. I never show my master I like it but
having my pussy licked by other male chastity men empowers me. It even preps me
for the anal penetration that is not far behind.

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Male chastity cages


Male chastity men

Most male chastity men will figure out a way
of keeping their cocks limp while they are wearing their cages, but I was
having a very difficult time doing that this night. I was getting a cock
sliding deep into my throat and another one sliding into my ass at the same
time. When you are getting double teamed like this with five other guys
stroking their cocks around you, ready to cum all over your body, it makes it
difficult to think about anything that would make your erection go away.

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being a male chastity men slave is
not for every guy out there, I was having a very good time servicing the men
that my partner brought to the house that night. The funny thing is that my
partner wouldn’t even step in to get involved after he got me started with his
fingers. He just sat back on the couch and watched as every one of those guys
came inside me and all over my body for him. It was as if that was all he
wanted of me that night and I had satisfied him in ways never before imagined.

Being a male chastity men slave is what I do
for my partner in order to make our relationship work the best way possible. I
wasn’t too sure about it working out when he first suggested that I wear a
chastity cage from, but now that I have been wearing one for so
long, I couldn’t see this relationship working any other way. We are highly
committed to each other and there is nothing that either one of us wouldn’t do
to make the other happy, but wearing my cage is something that I will continue
to do for as long as I possibly can. I will wear this cage even if this
relationship falls away into the dust of time. That’s just how committed I am
to this whole lifestyle now.

Male chastity men Slave boy

I walked
through the door into our home and found seven other guys sitting around naked
in our living room. My partner was telling them how I was his male chastity men slave and they were
all there to have some fun with me. As soon as I walked into the room, he told
me to strip down naked and show these other guys my chastity cage that he had
bought for me from I knew that if I didn’t do what I was told
that I was going to get a severe punishment, so I took my clothes off.

I walked
around like any good male chastity men
would do for their partner and let all of the guys there see what I was
wearing. My partner was telling them how it kept me from getting an erection, but enabled him to have all the fun with me that he wanted. The other guys all
smiled at that idea and one of them said to prove it. So he did. He immediately
stood up and told me to bend over in front of everyone. Once I did, he slid a
finger into my tight asshole and started fucking me with it.

I was
extremely embarrassed as this was the first time we had ever done anything like
this in front of anyone before, but I didn’t have the right to protest what was
happening. Being male chastity men,
we have to do what we are told to do, and I was being told to take whatever I
was about to get that night. I had to go along with it, and that was the end of
the conversation; not that there was a conversation to be had at that
particular point in time.

He, then,
invited each one of them up to have some fun with his personal male chastity men slave, and they did.
My partner went into the bedroom and got the oils out and started slathering me
in them, making me wet from head to toe so that it was easier for all these
guys to take advantage of me. After a while, I started to enjoy what was happening
and my cock started to get hard. Unfortunately, my cage made it impossible for
me to enjoy that erection in any way. This is not a good thing when you start
getting involved in the sexual things that are happening to you.


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Male chastity men and slaves

Male Chastity Men Slaves

Male chastity

I have
become one of those male chastity men
because of the relationship I have found myself involved in. I am not saying it
is a bad thing, but it was something that I had to eventually get used to in
the way that you get used to shoes that are a bit too small for your feet but
you wear them anyway. You see, my partner is extremely dominant in our
relationship, which was one of the things that really drew me to him to begin

Being like
other male chastity men means that I
have to be given permission before I can take my chastity cage off to have any
fun. Of course, this doesn’t get to happen very often, but that is part of the
excitement of wearing one. When it finally comes off, there is nothing that can
stop me from doing the things I enjoy doing, and that is probably one reason
why I continue to agree to this type of relationship. Although, there are times
when I would prefer that I wasn’t wearing a cage from, and one of
those times happened not too long ago for me.

My partner
decided to have a little party at our house one night while I was off at work.
Being like other male chastity men,
I have to wear my cage while I am working as well, but I wasn’t aware of what I
was going to be walking into when I got home that night. It had been a long day
and I was hoping to have the permission to take my cage off and sit in a nice
hot bath for a while, but that isn’t how the night ended up working out for me.


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