Male chastity men forced to be completely fem

Most male chastity men are routinely humiliated. But few are
forced to be completely feminized. The photo below shows a completely feminized
male chastity men type of suit. These are called male to female transformation
vagina style swim and fetish wear. Male chastity men as a whole are very
interested in feminization so it is up to the master or wife to decide if they
are going to go that extreme. This suit forces the shaft inside the wearer and
molds the balls into pussy lips, exposed ones at that. Many male chastity men
when forced to wear these designs are made to wear them in groups of friends
and often offered up as sex toys.  Other
male chastity men are forced to eat the wearer’s pussy while other watch and
enjoy. I have had this done to me many time and once you get of the humiliation
of it all you can learn to enjoy it. I never show my master I like it but
having my pussy licked by other male chastity men empowers me. It even preps me
for the anal penetration that is not far behind.

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Male chastity cages