Invisible Male Chastity Men Devices

Invisible Male Chastity Men Devices

Some male
chastity men prefer to wear a chastity device that is virtually invisible to
anyone that might happen to look at their crotch during the day. Now, that is
pretty understandable as most guys don’t want other people knowing that they
have something locked over their cocks to keep them from getting an erection.
But there are some men that would love to be noticed by that raging bulge that
a large chastity device can give to them. It all depends on how comfortable you
are with things of this nature and if you are willing to show off your package.

If you are
one of those male chastity men that doesn’t mind showing off what they are
wearing, then you are in luck. There are plenty of chastity devices on the
market that will show everyone just how big you might think your cock is. Of
course, you will have to explain the real size of your cock if you happen to
pick someone up and they actually want to see what that big bulge is all about.
You know it’s rather difficult to hide the real size of your cock when they can
actually see it through the device that you are wearing. So you may want to
keep that in mind.


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Male Chastity Men in Training

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men in Training

Out of all
the male chastity men out there, the ones that are willing to wear their
devices no matter what are usually the happiest in the long run. These guys
understands what it means to sacrifice their sexual urges so that they can lead
a happier life, and they do it often. Now there are some guys that will wear a
device such as this for a week or so and feel that they have turned their lives
around, but they find out that taking it off and going without for a few days
brings them right back to where they were previously.

Getting into
the ranks of the male chastity men in the world requires you to train your body
to listen to your needs. If you don’t take the time to train your body, then it
will be all for nothing. You have to wear your device non-stop for at least a
month in order to fully train your body to stop getting erections and while
that may be hard for some men to do, once you get to that point in time, you
will find it much easier to go without your device on and maintain your sexual


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Male Chastity Men Can Live More Happily

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men Can Live More

There are
male chastity men all over the world that are currently living the life they
have always wanted because they are willing to overlook their sexual urges and
focus on the things that are a bit more important to them. This is something
that you can easily do if you are willing to at least try. Of course, you are
going to have to find a chastity device that will fit properly and that might
be a bit more difficult for you to do on the first try. Just don’t give up and
see what happens.

The male
chastity men that have given up their urges have found that life is much more
fun to live these days. They get the opportunity to live their dream and that
isn’t very easy to do for just everyone. In fact, most men attempt to live
their dreams and find it almost impossible to do because there are so many
things running through their minds. Just the aspect of giving up a normal sex
life might be a bit intimidating for you at first, but once you do, you will
see that everything else in your life is much easier to understand in general.

Enjoy your Life with Male Chastity

Enjoy your Life with Male Chastity

There are a
lot of things in life that can show you a different side of who you are, but
none of them can do it like wearing male
devices. These intricate items can definitely bring an entirely
different aspect into your life with very little effort on your part. You just
have to be willing to try one on for a few days and see what happens to you. It
will start to become obvious that nothing you have ever done before will match
the level of confidence you can gain from wearing something like this for one

Just the
thought of gaining confidence in your life by wearing something that locks your
cock up into a tight little package would make most guys think they are going
insane. The truth is that once you start wearing a device that takes sexual
frustrations out of your life there is nothing left to hold you back. You can
gain all the confidence you need to make those difficult decisions in life and
live as happily as you ever could. That is what making this kind of decision
can do for you these days.

Now there
are some male chastity wearers in
the world that think they have all the secrets to the universe locked up with
them. Of course, that isn’t true by far, but you can definitely start to see
things in a different light if you were willing to try one. It may feel a bit
strange at first, but you will get used to it over time. Once you understand
that you can go days without worrying about an erection embarrassing you in
some way you will feel much better about yourself. You just need to pick out a
design that will handle any situation you might find yourself in.

You need to
be aware that you have to wear a chastity device for a decent amount of time
before you can actually gain anything from it. This means that you will have to
go to work in your device as well as everywhere else you normally go. Now, you
are going to have to make sure that the device you are wearing will be hidden
safely from view while you are out in public. You don’t want some unsightly
bulge betraying you when someone happens to glance at your crotch, now do you?

Your male chastity device needs to fit
perfectly so that you can benefit from using it and has to be low profile
enough to allow you to do all the things you want to do without showing it off
to everyone in sight. This is going to require you to do some research on the
items that are available for you to purchase, and you should spend enough time
looking around to make sure you are happy with what you are buying. Nothing is
worse than having a chastity device show up in the mail that you can’t wear
anywhere except in the bedroom.

You will
come to notice that there are few things you can’t wear with your chastity
device if you pick out the right one. Now, you may not be able to wear swimwear
all that comfortably if you want to hang out on the beach; at least not the
stuff that you purchase at your local discount stores. There are some options
that you can find online that are specifically designed to be worn with a
chastity device if you don’t mind showing off a good bit of your body in the

Since you
can wear your male chastity device
just about anywhere, there is no reason why you can’t live the life that you
have always wanted. There is no reason to keep yourself locked up in your home
just because you are wearing a chastity device anymore. A few decades ago, you
wouldn’t have wanted to wear a chastity device out in public because they were
so cumbersome, but newer technology has given you options that will allow you
to travel just about anywhere you might want to go. Just think about how much
fun you could be having while still maintaining a chaste lifestyle.

So, now that
you know you can head out to the clubs on the weekend and still wear your
chastity device, what is stopping you from purchasing one? Are you afraid that
you aren’t going to be able to wear a device for as long as you need to? Or
maybe you think that wearing something like this is going to bring your
sexuality into question. Well, you should know that there are plenty of gay and
straight men out there that are currently wearing these devices on a regular
basis, and it isn’t changing their sexuality at all.

You can wear
any kind of male chastity device you
want to without having to worry about making any kind of fashion statement to
impress people. You see, no one is going to know that you are wearing a device
unless you start walking around without your clothes on and basically pointing
it out to every stranger that walks by. If you are planning on doing that, then
you might want to pick out something that is a bit showy and gets the attention
that you deserve. Otherwise, you can pick out any design you think will look
good on you.

everything is said and done, your decision to wear a chastity device is your
own to make. You are the only one that can come to the final decision on
whether or not you are going to wear something like this, unless you wake up
one morning and find that you already have a device like this on and the key is
nowhere to be seen. If that is the case, then your partner is the one making
the decision for you and you are going to have to do whatever it takes to make
them happy enough to get that cage unlocked. No matter what, though, wearing a
device like this should be exciting for you and allow you to enjoy your life
like never before.

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The Reason to Wear Male Chastity Men Devices

Male Chastity Men

The Reason to Wear Male Chastity Men

Of all the
male chastity men in the world that are wearing chastity devices and having fun
in their lives, the ones that are the most successful in life are the ones that
are most comfortable wearing these devices. Being comfortable with what you are
wearing and how a device like this can make you feel is one of the reasons so
many men into this lifestyle are wearing them. But being able to accept the
fact that you need to wear one is something completely different for a lot of

Most male
chastity men will wear one because their partner asks them to or because they
are interested in experiencing something different, but they aren’t willing to
accept the fact that they actually need to wear something like this in order to
find out who they really are.  If you can
wear a device that locks your cock up and admit that you need to do this in
order to truly understand who you are, then you are going to be successful
beyond anything you could ever imagine. Allowing yourself to be adventurous is
one thing but giving yourself the chance to see who you truly are on the inside
is something that you just can’t get with anything else out there.


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What Male Chastity Means

Male Chastity Men

What Male Chastity Means

When men
enter into a lifestyle of male chastity, many people wonder what it is that
they’re thinking. While it is certainly different for each man, the one
constant is that they want to give up control of their sexual pleasure and
release by turning it over to someone else. This person can be a partner, a
Mistress, a Master or anyone else in the lives of these men that they trust.
The reason that trust is vital is because this other person is going to become
their Key Holder. A Key Holder is the person that’s holding the key to whatever
chastity device the man is wearing or using. Normally, this is a cock cage of
sorts. So if the man gets an erection for some reason, it will become a rather
painful experience. In addition, the Key Holder isn’t going to unlock the
device just because the man got hard and wants to cum.

In fact,
that’s pretty much the whole point of male chastity. An enslaved male cannot
achieve orgasm without the express permission of his Key Holder because that’s
who will have to unlock him and free his cock for enjoyment. While this is
something that definitely teaches control, it’s never to be entered into


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Male chastity men forced to be completely fem

Most male chastity men are routinely humiliated. But few are
forced to be completely feminized. The photo below shows a completely feminized
male chastity men type of suit. These are called male to female transformation
vagina style swim and fetish wear. Male chastity men as a whole are very
interested in feminization so it is up to the master or wife to decide if they
are going to go that extreme. This suit forces the shaft inside the wearer and
molds the balls into pussy lips, exposed ones at that. Many male chastity men
when forced to wear these designs are made to wear them in groups of friends
and often offered up as sex toys.  Other
male chastity men are forced to eat the wearer’s pussy while other watch and
enjoy. I have had this done to me many time and once you get of the humiliation
of it all you can learn to enjoy it. I never show my master I like it but
having my pussy licked by other male chastity men empowers me. It even preps me
for the anal penetration that is not far behind.

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Male chastity cages


Male Chastity Men


See the hottest male chastity devices, men’s anal toys, extreme mens swimwear, spandex sex wear, spandex fetish wear, cock wear and so much more!

Male chastity men are a unique brand of men that take pride and pleasure
in locking themselves away for a very select individual. They wear a chastity
cage in order to control their sexual urges and the person they trust the most
will end up with the key that unlocks that cage. If you are a man that is into
the chastity aspect of sexual gratification, then you fully understand this
concept and probably already have a special person that has control over your
key. If you are new to this concept, then there are a few things you should be
aware of before jumping in and buying your own chastity cage.


The first thing you should
know is that wearing a chastity cage is not for everyone and should not be
taken lightly. This is a decision that could change your sex life forever and
you need to comprehend every aspect of what you are gaining and what you are
giving away to your partner as well. These are all things that you need to ask
yourself to make sure that you are ready to become one of the many practicing male
chastity men
that are out there in the world.


Another thing that you need
to take into consideration is the fact that if you are going to be a chastity
man, then you will need the best possible chastity cages you can get. gives you those cages that are made from the best materials
available to ensure not only the quality of the item you are using, but also the
pleasure and durability that you require in regards to a life of chastity sex
play. You will want to make sure that the chastity cage you are using is
capable of fitting right as well as being made from high quality material. If
your cage is either too small or too large, then you are going to find yourself
having difficulties in wearing it, especially in public if you choose to take
the male chastity men aspect to the fullest degree. If you are only
looking for something that you can wear around the bedroom for a few hours,
then you might be able to get by with lower quality materials, but why would
anyone want to go with lower quality when gives you the best
possible price for the highest possible quality? Think about how you would feel
if your chastity cage fell apart on you because you got an erection rather than
keeping you from getting one. It just wouldn’t make sense to become a part of
the male chastity men if your chastity cage was always getting in the
way of making it possible to be chaste.


Any guy that is new to the
aspect of wearing a chastity cage should try wearing one around their home
first before attempting to wear it out in public. Wearing a chastity cage out
in public takes some getting used to, and you don’t want people looking at you
funny while you are trying to sit down with one of these on. They are difficult
to get on and off for the most part, but you shouldn’t have any problems
wearing one around the house for a few days before heading out to the office
with it on. Just give yourself enough time to get used to it before handing the
key over to your partner and you should do just fine.


Being a male chastity men
advocate is a difficult aspect in one’s life, and you will need to read as much
information on the subject as you can find. There is no one right source that
you can find that will give you everything you need to know about a sexual
fetish like this, but you shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding a few
websites out there that can lead you in the right direction. has
plenty of information in regards to the actual chastity cage that you can wear,
and that is a very good start to see if this might be something you want to
give a try. Don’t be afraid to research all the different styles of chastity
cages that are available and, if you know someone that wears one on a regular
basis, feel free to ask them any questions you might have. This is one of those
fetishes that guys like to talk about with certain people and they will give
you as much information as you might need in order to make your decision to
wear a chastity cage that much easier for you. Of course, they’ll need to get
permission from their key holders before talking to you about this.


If male chastity men
are a turn on for you, then you might be interested in knowing that there are
ways that you can become one yourself and have all the fun you want in your own
bedroom. There is no need for you to sit around and wonder what it would be
like to wear a chastity cage. Instead, go to and find out for
yourself what it is like to have your cock in a cage and be unable to get an
erection. Once you give a chastity cage a try, you will never want to take it
off again, and that will only add to the sexual tension that you get from
wearing the cage in the first place. These are wonderful inventions that will
allow you to take complete control over your sexual urges and give you a
freedom you never thought possible before. Just remember to give the key to
someone very special to you and not just a random partner that you hook up with
for the night. Random partners may not fully understand or comprehend what the
chastity cage is meant for, and that could end up ruining your sexual
experience with the cage. The person that has your key is the only one that can
let you out of it so that person needs to be extremely trustworthy for you.


Most male chastity men
love the aspect of giving up control over their sexual encounters by wearing a
chastity cage and handing the key to their partner. This act of giving control
over to another person is one of the ultimate sacrifices that a guy can give to
another person and makes it a very special gift. knows how
important this act of giving control to another person is and they do
everything they can to make sure that the moment when you give up control is
something to remember. There are few other manufacturers of chastity cages out
there that understand how important this can be to a guy and they want you to
make sure that you remember just how important it is to you and your partner in
every way.


Some guys think that wearing
a chastity cage makes them useless in a sexual sense but that couldn’t be
further from the truth. In fact, some of the greatest sexual excitement you can
ever have is by wearing one of these chastity cages. It is more in the act of
prolonged anticipation rather than a quick release of sexual energy that most male
chastity men
thrive upon, and that is something you need to be ready for if
you are going to live with this kind of sexual fetish. You aren’t just going to
be giving a key to your house or car to a friend in case you get locked out.
Rather, you are giving a key to a person you trust implicitly with your sexual
desires. This is the person will be taking on the responsibility of allowing
you to escape your caged prison in order to find the sexual gratification they
are seeking. If you aren’t ready for something like that, then you shouldn’t be
wearing a chastity cage just yet.


There are plenty of aspects
to being a part of male chastity men that you will need to work through
when you first decide on wearing something like a chastity cage. This isn’t
like wearing the same pair of shoes every day. It is something that will end up
changing your life just by making the decision to wear it. You have to
understand that once you put a chastity cage on that you purchased from, then there is no way of taking it off unless the person that has
your key allows it. You are giving complete control to that person on whether
or not you are wearing it, and you need to have faith that the person that
decides your sexual fate is willing to use that power with compassion.


You will also find that
wearing a chastity cage all day long can be quite a different feeling than what
you are used to. That doesn’t mean that it will physically feel different,
which it will, but the emotional feeling you get from wearing a thing like this
will be much different than what you are used to. At first, you are going to
feel confined in a way that you never felt before, not just physically again,
but emotionally, like when you are locked in a small closet or something. This
feeling will eventually pass but will never fully leave you no matter how long
you might end up wearing it. So keep this in mind before jumping into the world
of male chastity men.


Anyone that is interested in
wearing a chastity cage is going to experience a certain amount of
uncomfortable confinement when they first put one on until they get used to it.
You have to understand that there is a good chance that just putting a chastity
cage on will make you want to get an erection but you won’t be able to. This is
especially true if you have purchased a full on chastity sleeve from that wraps your entire penis in metal. These sleeves will make it
almost impossible for you to get even the slightest erection and can become
exceedingly uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing them. Because of this,
it is probably a good idea to start your male chastity men aspects in
something a little less confining than a sleeve. There are plenty of options
available to you. All you have to do is look for chastity cages that offer you
the ability to have at least a little bit of room for freedom of movement
before moving on to something like a sleeve that offers you no room whatsoever.
This is a decision that you need to make at the beginning, and you shouldn’t
just pick out the chastity cage that looks like it will give you the most
control. Start out simple and comfortable and then move into the ones that
offer you even more control only after you are used to wearing them. It is
extremely important that you get used to wearing these chastity cages because
you could run the risk of ruining any sexual gratification that you might get
from taking one off.


A male chastity men
toy that a lot of guys like to use is a chastity cage that has the addition of
rings added in to make your chastity even more fulfilling. These rings are
wrapped around the penis in a way that puts pressure on it when you start to
get erect, letting you know that you are beginning to be turned on by whatever
outside stimulus you are witnessing. offers a large selection of
different cages that have rings with them to give you a different sexual
feeling when you are wearing your chastity cage so that you might better
understand what you are getting yourself into with this type of fetish. There
are also chastity cages that will encompass your testicles as well so that you
can have total control over what is happening to you at all times. The key for
this type of cage will not only unlock the cage itself, but the testicle cage
as well. It is a whole different feeling having your testicles caged in as well
as your penis, and that is something you can look forward to working up to if
you feel like going a different route after you are used to wearing your
chastity cage.


You might also find some male
chastity men
websites available that have even more designs to offer in the
chastity cage aspect that you may never have thought would be possible for you
to wear. There are so many different styles out there that no one site is going
to have them all, but is going to do their best to give you as
many options as possible so you won’t have to do too much searching through
other sites. They take a lot of pride in bringing the male fetish aspect into
the bedroom, as well as the beach with all of their swimwear, and you should be
able to find the chastity cage that will suit you the best on this one single


You can always purchase
accessories to your chastity cage that will bring new levels of enjoyment that
just having a chastity cage might not be able to bring to you. Of course, there
are many male chastity men out there that add their own twist to their
existing cages and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that as
well. Your sexual gratification is in your hands or the hands of the person you
give your key to, so you should be able to choose what kinds of accessories you
are able to use with your own cage. There are many things like anal hooks that
can be attached to these chastity cages that will ensure a certain amount of
sexual pleasure while you are wearing the cage itself and keep anyone else from
playing around with you if you ever find yourself in that predicament.


You have the ability to take
your chastity play to new levels by adding different accessories and play toys
to the mix. It is all up to you on how far you want to go with it. Most male
chastity men
love to have different accessories attached to their cages in
order to bring about different feelings while wearing them so that they can get
a better feeling once their cage is opened and they are released to have some
fun. But the main aspect of even wearing one of these cages is in having that
feeling of confinement and control forced upon them. They love the thought of
someone else having the ability to decide whether they are to wear their cages
or not, and that is one of the greatest feelings you could ever get. Give in to
that inner need to give up control of your sexual desires and hand over the key
to your cage to that special person in your life that will understand what it
means to have that much control over someone else.