Joining the Male Chastity Men

Most of the male chastity men that I know have been involved in this lifestyle for some time now. A lot longer than I have been. at least. I look up to them for the amount of time they have put into training their bodies to live like this. I often imagine what it would be like to live the life they do even though I have only been wearing a chastity device for a few weeks now. They all seem so happy and excited with what the day has to offer them that it makes me a bit jealous at times.

These male chastity men know every little secret to making their lives fantastic while maintaining control over their bodies. I am sure that there will come a day when I will feel the same way they do but, for now, I am mostly annoyed. I can’t seem to get comfortable no matter what I am trying to do and I am constantly aware of my cage. These guys keep telling me that I will forget that I am wearing it soon enough, but that day hasn’t come as of yet.

Being one of these male chastity men is something that I strive for on a daily basis although I think I may be focusing on it a bit too much. It’s kind of like that saying about finding your true love; the first thing you have to do is stop looking. I guess I should worry about more pressing matters in my life and maybe that comfort I am seeking will just happen. They assure me that it will take some time and every guy is different, but I think it is taking a bit too long personally. Not that I am going to give up my chastity device or anything like that. I just wish that those good feelings would hurry along.

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Male Chastity Men and Taking On the Chaste Lifestyle

Male Chastity Men and Taking On the Chaste Lifestyle

A lot of
male chastity men think that wearing cages over their cocks make them something
special. Oddly enough, the truth of the matter is that it really does make them
special in a way. Not every guy in the world can lock the most important part
of their anatomy up inside a cage and go on with their day like nothing has
changed. In fact, most guys wouldn’t even consider this as an option in their
lives and would pass it up without thinking twice about it. The ones that do
end up wearing a cage know how special it can make them feel, though.

Not all male
chastity men decide to wear something like this simply because they want to try
something different. There are more than a few of them that have been forced
into wearing one of these cages because their partner wants to spice up their
sex lives instead. These guys usually end up waking up with one of these cages
locked on them and no key in sight. Their partners usually have the key hidden
away and won’t give it up until they get what they want out of the relationship
and that is usually immense pleasure.

If you have
been one of those male chastity men that was forced to wear a cock cage, then
you know exactly what it felt like when you realized you couldn’t take it off.
You also know what it feels like to have to wear it long enough that you accept
it in all its glory. You understand that there is nothing in this world that
would make you as happy as continuing to wear one of these devices, not that
you have much of a choice in the matter. It says a lot about the type of guy
that you are and the design of these devices when it comes down to it.


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Finding an Affordable and High Quality Mens Chastity Device

Finding an Affordable and High Quality Mens Chastity Device

I found the
perfect mens chastity device the other day while looking around online and was
amazed at just how inexpensive it was to purchase. I have spent quite a lot of
money on these devices in the past and finding ones that are relatively cheap
and made of good quality don’t happen all that much with me. Since I am still
rather new at all of this, it makes me wonder if anyone else gets excited when
they find something that would be perfect for them and they don’t have to spend
all that much money in the process.

I know that
there are men wearing mens chastity device items that don’t particularly care
about how much money they have to spend in order to enjoy their fetish.  On the other hand, some of us really need to
think about things like that. I have a good job and everything, but I just
don’t have enough money to throw around on just anything. I need to plan things
out a bit before purchasing items that aren’t exactly vital to my existence,
but I do the best I can anyway. That’s why I love it when I find something like
this for a very good price.

The fact
that this mens chastity device was of high quality meant that I absolutely had
to purchase it. I have had my fair share of cheaply priced and low quality
devices over the years and finding one that I can afford and is high quality is
something that I definitely need to invest in. I think everyone should be able
to have at least one device that they can truly experience pleasure with, and
this one that I found is going to be mine. Now I just have to wait for it to
arrive in the mail so that I can try it on and see how great it feels.


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Invisible Male Chastity Men Devices

Invisible Male Chastity Men Devices

Some male
chastity men prefer to wear a chastity device that is virtually invisible to
anyone that might happen to look at their crotch during the day. Now, that is
pretty understandable as most guys don’t want other people knowing that they
have something locked over their cocks to keep them from getting an erection.
But there are some men that would love to be noticed by that raging bulge that
a large chastity device can give to them. It all depends on how comfortable you
are with things of this nature and if you are willing to show off your package.

If you are
one of those male chastity men that doesn’t mind showing off what they are
wearing, then you are in luck. There are plenty of chastity devices on the
market that will show everyone just how big you might think your cock is. Of
course, you will have to explain the real size of your cock if you happen to
pick someone up and they actually want to see what that big bulge is all about.
You know it’s rather difficult to hide the real size of your cock when they can
actually see it through the device that you are wearing. So you may want to
keep that in mind.


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New male chastity blog

Where to Find Other Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men

Where to Find Other Male Chastity Men

If you’re a man that’s into living a chastity
lifestyle, you may want to find some other male chastity men to hang out with.
Not all men are going to understand the purpose behind chastity because they
can’t imagine turning over the control of their sexual pleasure to another
person. These are the guys that are into things like instant gratification as
well as just being able to have sex with whoever they want whenever they want.
That’s not possible when you’re into chastity.


Male chastity men cock cages, stretchers and anal gear by

Male chastity men cock cages and anal gear by

At any rate, there are plenty of ways to find these
male chastity men if you only know where to look. One of the best and most
successful places to find them is through online forums, communities and chat
rooms. While these may be anonymous to begin with, it’s very possible to make a
connection and meet up on the outside of the Internet. You can also check into
online websites that specialize in chastity as well as personal ads in the
newspaper or magazines. However you choose to find these other men, it won’t be
as difficult as you may believe. Once you do find a few of them, just having
someone else to talk to about male chastity as well as compare notes on devices
will be well worth the effort.


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Male chastity and the right tools

Like they say you are only as good as your tools and when it comes to male chastity training good tools and the know how to use them is a must. It goes without saying that most male chastity men are trained using a cock cage. Control of sexual pleasure is a must and that includes masturbation. Supervision is also extremely important. Punishment fits into male chastity men control and the photo I have included today is of a very effective metal ball crusher. You can punish, humiliate and control using these extreme devices.


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Male chastity men and all the cock cages

Owning a male
chastity men
device shows how open you are to any sexual fantasy. It is
like wanting to get sex but not getting it so easily. It is a type of
constraining ones sexual urges so that when the right time comes, he will be so
pumped up and ready to pounce!  Give your
man like how I give mine. He so loves it and it makes all our sexual escapades
very lively and spicy.  It could seem
different at first but in the long run, it will be great.


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Trying something new for the spice of your
sexual activities is what makes the moment fun and exciting. Using toys and
other gadgets like the male chastity men
devices are like tools to make the night kinkier. You cannot get enough of it
once you gave in to try. It will feel so good that you will want to get the
latest and the trendiest as soon as it is out in the market for sale. Do not
think about what people may say. They do not know what you have on anyhow. I
wear mine only at home with the man I sleep with, but come to think of it,
maybe I should try to wear it under my pants when I go out.

Male chastity men spread and ready

Male Chastity Men Will Always Be The Top Choice

I have heard of guys looking for the best type of swimwear they will
wear this summer. It’s always exciting to hear them converse in this topic
especially when these are manly guys wanting to experiment. It just makes them
too irresistably hot! Of course, I would butt in their conversation and tell
them that male chastity men is just
one step away from their dream.

Male chastity men spread and ready by extreme sex waer

Male chastity men spread and ready by


It’s exciting when these men who seem to be virgins in being male chastity men think of becoming one
really soon. It’s like they are in an entry passage and they cannot be stopped.
If only they could touch themselves or each other, I am sure they would have
done it. Unfortunately, they just can’t.




So if you’re thinking of actually becoming male chastity men but feeling quite shy about it, think of all the
other men out there who are probably like you, wanting to be just the same. You
see, it’s never too late to experiment especially if you know for a fact that
you can give justice to what you are about to do in bed.


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Male chastity men forced fem

The male chastity
are being used for several reasons.  Some men like to use it to pump up the
adrenaline when they are doing the deed. In some cases like my relationship
with my man, I want to keep it spicy at all times. I like to make the move and
initiate the moment whenever I get the chance so that I will have the control
of the night. He is much willing to cooperate whenever I do that, so we have no


Male chastity men forced sissy by sex and fem wear

Male chastity men forced sissy by sex and fem wear


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One time I took a trip to this adult store and looked
around for something different to try for the night. I found many types of new
sexy underwear for us to use but what caught my eye was this male chastity men
silver cage. It tickled my curiosity that I just had to buy it. So I did.
Brought it home and waited for him to come. As soon as he came home, I took the
item out my bag and showed it to him. He made these big rounded eyes to his
surprise. And to my surprise, he had really wanted to try it too. We had a
wonderful night that time. I will do it again.

Male chastity men and cock cages

Male Chastity Men

Most male chastity men out there have no
problems with letting someone else take control over their erections and sexual
exploits. Of course, there are some guys that would prefer to do all of this on
their own and they go to to pick out a chastity device that they
can wear whenever they need to. They aren’t looking to be kept as slaves like
other guys with a chastity fetish are looking for. They just want to take
control over their erections so that they can live a life without worries and
find a bit of success.

The male chastity men that prefer to do this
on their own are known for getting erections at the most inopportune time, and
that is why they want to wear chastity cages. If you have ever been sitting in
an office meeting and had to stand up to give a project report, but your cock
suddenly decided to become erect for no apparent reason, then you would fully
understand this aspect. That can be one of the most embarrassing moments of
your life and wearing a chastity cage may be the only way of never having that
happen to you again. Granted, there is some sexual satisfaction in wearing
these devices, but most male chastity men
out there understand that the satisfaction of wearing one of these items is much
easier to handle than the rogue erection that pops up out of nowhere when you
really don’t want it to be happening.


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Me having my sissy balls stretched in front of the girls. Poor slave!


Male chastity slave having balls stretched

Male chastity slave having balls stretched equipment by