Male chastity men and cock cages

Male Chastity Men

Most male chastity men out there have no
problems with letting someone else take control over their erections and sexual
exploits. Of course, there are some guys that would prefer to do all of this on
their own and they go to to pick out a chastity device that they
can wear whenever they need to. They aren’t looking to be kept as slaves like
other guys with a chastity fetish are looking for. They just want to take
control over their erections so that they can live a life without worries and
find a bit of success.

The male chastity men that prefer to do this
on their own are known for getting erections at the most inopportune time, and
that is why they want to wear chastity cages. If you have ever been sitting in
an office meeting and had to stand up to give a project report, but your cock
suddenly decided to become erect for no apparent reason, then you would fully
understand this aspect. That can be one of the most embarrassing moments of
your life and wearing a chastity cage may be the only way of never having that
happen to you again. Granted, there is some sexual satisfaction in wearing
these devices, but most male chastity men
out there understand that the satisfaction of wearing one of these items is much
easier to handle than the rogue erection that pops up out of nowhere when you
really don’t want it to be happening.


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Me having my sissy balls stretched in front of the girls. Poor slave!


Male chastity slave having balls stretched

Male chastity slave having balls stretched equipment by



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