Male chastity men forced fem

The male chastity
are being used for several reasons.  Some men like to use it to pump up the
adrenaline when they are doing the deed. In some cases like my relationship
with my man, I want to keep it spicy at all times. I like to make the move and
initiate the moment whenever I get the chance so that I will have the control
of the night. He is much willing to cooperate whenever I do that, so we have no


Male chastity men forced sissy by sex and fem wear

Male chastity men forced sissy by sex and fem wear


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One time I took a trip to this adult store and looked
around for something different to try for the night. I found many types of new
sexy underwear for us to use but what caught my eye was this male chastity men
silver cage. It tickled my curiosity that I just had to buy it. So I did.
Brought it home and waited for him to come. As soon as he came home, I took the
item out my bag and showed it to him. He made these big rounded eyes to his
surprise. And to my surprise, he had really wanted to try it too. We had a
wonderful night that time. I will do it again.

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