Looking for Male Chastity Men to Guide Me

Looking over the websites for male chastity men, I have come to the realization that this is something I would really like to take for a test run. I wasn’t aware that chastity was such a big fetish in the lives of men these days but the information I have found has shown me that just about anyone can enjoy what it has to offer. It might seem a bit odd to some guys that I would want to lock my cock inside a small cage, but I think it could be an experience that I could learn a lot from.

I don’t know any male chastity men personally but I am sure that there are some guys in my area that I could find to discuss this fascinating fetish with. All I need to do is figure out how to come out and ask someone if he is wearing a chastity device. I haven’t been able to find any information online about doing something like that so I will have to be extra careful in choosing my words. After all, I am sure that a lot of guys want to keep this fetish a secret from the people around them.

Until I can figure out how to find other male chastity men, I will have to focus on finding a device that I might be able to wear comfortably. I have already seen so many devices that I might be able to wear that it has almost blown my mind, which is why I would like to get firsthand knowledge from someone. Having someone to actually talk to about these devices would make things much easier on me, but I also know that nothing worth doing is going to be easy. I will have to figure some of these things out on my own, which might actually make it even more erotic for me in the long run.


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Being at Peace with Male Chastity Men


I, like so many other male chastity men in the world, enjoy the moments in my life that are quiet and peaceful. I love being able to sit back and relax with a good book after work or watch a little TV now and then, but I was always disturbed by an erection. It didn’t matter what I was reading or watching on TV; my cock would wake up and start staring at me like a puppy that wanted to play fetch. I had to find something that would keep it in control and not attempt to ruin the peacefulness around me.

So I started looking around online for anything that might help. That is when I came across a site for male chastity men and the devices that they were offering. I found that there were thousands of guys in the world going through the same thing that I was and they all started wearing these chastity devices to help them get control over their own bodies as well. I was amazed to find that I wasn’t the only guy going through this, and it made me want to purchase one of these devices as soon as possible.

I have been a male chastity men contributor ever since then, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel that making the decision to wear  a chastity device has greatly increased the amount of relaxation I can experience during any given day. I also have found that wearing one of these devices isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. At first, I was wondering how I was going to do every day things around the house, but now I know that I can wear it all day long and it won’t bother me in the least no matter what I might be doing.



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Male Chastity Men and Comfort

Male Chastity Men and Comfort

A lot of
male chastity men find comfort in wearing devices that are a bit smaller than
they probably should be. They seem to enjoy the amount of pressure that they
get from wearing something that almost doesn’t fit them. While I can understand
why someone would like to try that out once in a while, I have found that the
smaller devices tend to be extremely uncomfortable after a few minutes of
wearing them. Maybe it’s because I have a rather large cock or simply that I am
a bit more active. Either way, I just can’t wear the smaller ones like that.

While some
male chastity men enjoy the smaller ones, guys like me prefer the ones that fit
properly and don’t chafe when we walk. It’s very important to find a style that
fits properly and doesn’t chafe I feel. I had one that was a tad too big, which
ended up rubbing a few spots almost completely raw the first time I ever put it
on and wore it for a while. That experience is not one that I ever want to go
through again so I do my best to make sure that the device that I am going to
wear will be the right size.

Not all male
chastity men think that through, though. They feel that simply purchasing and
wearing any chastity device is going to bring them the happiness that they
think they want. Unfortunately, they usually find out that they have purchased
something that doesn’t fit right. That means there is a good chance that they
will give up trying to find another one that might actually fit and give them
that feeling. It’s a sad reality that we live in, but it happens more than you
might think to guys that are just beginning their path towards chastity.


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Male Chastity Men and Taking On the Chaste Lifestyle

Male Chastity Men and Taking On the Chaste Lifestyle

A lot of
male chastity men think that wearing cages over their cocks make them something
special. Oddly enough, the truth of the matter is that it really does make them
special in a way. Not every guy in the world can lock the most important part
of their anatomy up inside a cage and go on with their day like nothing has
changed. In fact, most guys wouldn’t even consider this as an option in their
lives and would pass it up without thinking twice about it. The ones that do
end up wearing a cage know how special it can make them feel, though.

Not all male
chastity men decide to wear something like this simply because they want to try
something different. There are more than a few of them that have been forced
into wearing one of these cages because their partner wants to spice up their
sex lives instead. These guys usually end up waking up with one of these cages
locked on them and no key in sight. Their partners usually have the key hidden
away and won’t give it up until they get what they want out of the relationship
and that is usually immense pleasure.

If you have
been one of those male chastity men that was forced to wear a cock cage, then
you know exactly what it felt like when you realized you couldn’t take it off.
You also know what it feels like to have to wear it long enough that you accept
it in all its glory. You understand that there is nothing in this world that
would make you as happy as continuing to wear one of these devices, not that
you have much of a choice in the matter. It says a lot about the type of guy
that you are and the design of these devices when it comes down to it.


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Finding an Affordable and High Quality Mens Chastity Device

Finding an Affordable and High Quality Mens Chastity Device

I found the
perfect mens chastity device the other day while looking around online and was
amazed at just how inexpensive it was to purchase. I have spent quite a lot of
money on these devices in the past and finding ones that are relatively cheap
and made of good quality don’t happen all that much with me. Since I am still
rather new at all of this, it makes me wonder if anyone else gets excited when
they find something that would be perfect for them and they don’t have to spend
all that much money in the process.

I know that
there are men wearing mens chastity device items that don’t particularly care
about how much money they have to spend in order to enjoy their fetish.  On the other hand, some of us really need to
think about things like that. I have a good job and everything, but I just
don’t have enough money to throw around on just anything. I need to plan things
out a bit before purchasing items that aren’t exactly vital to my existence,
but I do the best I can anyway. That’s why I love it when I find something like
this for a very good price.

The fact
that this mens chastity device was of high quality meant that I absolutely had
to purchase it. I have had my fair share of cheaply priced and low quality
devices over the years and finding one that I can afford and is high quality is
something that I definitely need to invest in. I think everyone should be able
to have at least one device that they can truly experience pleasure with, and
this one that I found is going to be mine. Now I just have to wait for it to
arrive in the mail so that I can try it on and see how great it feels.


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Male Chastity Men Trying Something New

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men Trying Something New

Some of the
male chastity men in the world are probably thinking that they have tried
everything that could be possible, but that can change in a single second. I am
one of those guys that thought I knew what chastity devices were all about
until my partner brought one home that was far beyond anything I would have
thought possible. This device showed me right away that I had no idea what was
actually available to me or what I could experience while wearing a simple cage
over my cock. Of course, there was nothing simple about this cage in any way.

Like other
male chastity men out there, I found myself being placed into a chastity device
that had small teeth on the inside of it. I had never even thought that
something like this existed in the first place, and trying to put it on was
painful to say the least. I was not prepared for something like this in the
least, and all I could do was think about the reason as to why my partner would
insist on me wearing something like this. I wasn’t aware that I had upset
anyone recently and I was scared to see what would happen if I had actually
done something to upset my partner in any way. But on the other hand, it’s not
exactly about someone being angry at you as you’ll see if you give it a try.


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