Proper Public Clothing for Male Chastity Men

Proper Public Clothing for Male Chastity Men

Some of the
male chastity men that I know enjoy wearing their devices when they are at home
while others seem to find it more entertaining to wear them out in public as
often as possible. I am one of those guys that enjoys wearing them out in
public, although I do have to be careful of what types of pants I wear. Some of
the issues I have found while wearing my chastity device out in public have
been rather embarrassing to say the least, but they were learning experiences
and I have been able to move on with my life.

Some male
chastity men will end up running out the door with whatever clothing they have
and not think about what they might be showing off to the general public. Now,
sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing as a lot of people would enjoy see your
cage under your pants, but there are other times when it might not be such a
good idea. I could run through almost every experience I have had in the hopes
that some of them might help you out, but I find that living through some of
these scenarios is a lot more fun.

You may find
that being male chastity men means that you have to do things you never would
have thought possible. Some guys simply think that you can wear a device and go
about your day like nothing is different but that isn’t always the case. There
are times when you are going to need to trust your instincts and plan your
clothing options out ahead of time so that you don’t make any kind of mistakes.
If you don’t mind people staring at you and wondering what that large bulge is,
then don’t worry about it. Otherwise, make sure that you are wearing something
that will hide your device.



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Male Chastity Men and Loving the Lifestyle

Male Chastity Men and Loving the Lifestyle

Most male
chastity men will tell you that there are few things in life that will make you
as happy as being involved in a fetish that won’t allow you to get an erection.
This type of fetish isn’t just something you use for a few hours of fun,
either. This is a lifestyle that you have to live within as long as you
possibly can. You will find out that you don’t want to take the device off and
let your cock free after a while, which will thrill and confuse you at the same

The male
chastity men that are out there wearing their devices throughout the day all
know that by taking them off, they will end up feeling like they are missing a part
of themselves. It would be a lot like going to work without any clothes on just
by leaving their chastity cage at home for the day. This is one fetish that
will make sure you live your life within the confines of your cock’s prison
whether you understand it or not. The excitement that wearing something like
this gives to guys that are willing to accept it is absolutely amazing to say
the least.

If you are hoping
to join the ranks of male chastity men in the world, then you will need to
understand what it is you are getting involved in. Take some time to look
around online at some of the forums that are geared towards the chastity
lifestyle. You will find all kinds of information that will help you in picking
out the right device for you and the proper way of wearing it in public so that
no one else knows about it. This could be the one fetish that you have tried
that will finally show you the answers to all the questions you might have
regarding the lifestyle where your cock doesn’t control you.


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Male Chastity Men and Comfort

Male Chastity Men and Comfort

A lot of
male chastity men find comfort in wearing devices that are a bit smaller than
they probably should be. They seem to enjoy the amount of pressure that they
get from wearing something that almost doesn’t fit them. While I can understand
why someone would like to try that out once in a while, I have found that the
smaller devices tend to be extremely uncomfortable after a few minutes of
wearing them. Maybe it’s because I have a rather large cock or simply that I am
a bit more active. Either way, I just can’t wear the smaller ones like that.

While some
male chastity men enjoy the smaller ones, guys like me prefer the ones that fit
properly and don’t chafe when we walk. It’s very important to find a style that
fits properly and doesn’t chafe I feel. I had one that was a tad too big, which
ended up rubbing a few spots almost completely raw the first time I ever put it
on and wore it for a while. That experience is not one that I ever want to go
through again so I do my best to make sure that the device that I am going to
wear will be the right size.

Not all male
chastity men think that through, though. They feel that simply purchasing and
wearing any chastity device is going to bring them the happiness that they
think they want. Unfortunately, they usually find out that they have purchased
something that doesn’t fit right. That means there is a good chance that they
will give up trying to find another one that might actually fit and give them
that feeling. It’s a sad reality that we live in, but it happens more than you
might think to guys that are just beginning their path towards chastity.


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Male Chastity Men

Just like
other male chastity men in the
world, I enjoy wearing my chastity device as often as possible. Unfortunately,
I do a lot of travelling by plane and this means that I have to keep my device
in my luggage until I reach my destination. This is a common thing that I have
learned to accept over the years and something that any guy willing to partake
in this kind of sexual fetish should do as well. You just can’t make it through
a security check point every time you are wearing something like this.

Other male chastity men that aren’t
travelling by plane as often as I do seem to have the golden life that I have
always wanted. They get to wear their devices for days on end while I am only
allowed a few days at the most before I have to fly off again to somewhere new.
Although, I would prefer to live that life, I am perfectly happy with the
ability to wear my device whenever I get the chance, and I take those chances
as often as I possibly can these days. It would be nice if I could wear them on
the plane, though.

If you are considering
taking part in this fetish like other male
chastity men,
you need to remember that most devices on the market are
going to set off a metal detector. This doesn’t just mean the ones in airports,
either. Any detector can be set off with a chastity device and, because of that;
care should be taken in where you are wearing your device. Unless you have no
problems with telling complete strangers what you have on under your clothing,
then it might be a good idea to plan your day out as best you can so as to
avoid issues like security check points.


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Male chastity men and sissy men devices

Male Chastity Men

There are a
few male chastity men out there that
are looking for new ways to enjoy their newfound fetish. They know all about
the different sites online that have the ultra-advanced items that they can
wear while they are in one of their sessions with their Mistress or Master, but
sometimes that is just not enough. That is when they need to go to
and see what kind of items they can purchase so that they can enjoy their
fetish even when they are hard at work.

A lot of
those male chastity men that are
wearing devices from are professional men that run large
companies all while wearing a chastity device the entire time they are at work.
That may seem a bit odd, but once you realize the amount of comfort you can get
out of wearing these items from, it becomes a lot easier to fully
understand. Sometimes you just have to give in to that side of you that wants
to be different, and those professionals are willing to do just that. It could
be part of the reason why they are so successful and happy in their lives, too.

If you want
to be like those professional male
chastity men
in the world, then maybe you should take a look at
chastity devices. Once you wear one, you will find the benefits of being able
to wear a device while you are working and understand that controlling your own
urges is much better than just being a slave for a couple of hours on the
weekend. You might just learn that you can live a happy and productive life and
still maintain the fetish you adore so much as well, and that is always
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Male chastity men and butt plugs

Most male chastity men including myself have felt many thing shoved up our butts. Licku for me I enjoy it but I would never let my girlfriend know. Master always think their male chasitity men are not into anal and many enjoy forcing it on them as a form of humiliation. I have talked to many of male chastity men who carry around the same secret as me. We have to act like we hate it. When I am fucked by my GF wearing a strap on or one of her friends she refers to as real me have a go at my ass I always show pain and displeasure. I know what turns them on but these are times that I feel like I am in control. That does not happen offen and again many male chastity men I know feel the same exact way. I am posting a photo of an anal plug powered suit that I enjoy wearing to pool parties, the beach and sometimes all day long as underwear. How awesome is it to get fucked by your swimsuit!


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