Remember that You’re Wearing a Male Chastity Men Item

Remember that You’re Wearing a Male Chastity Men Item

Most male
chastity men will tell you that wearing a chastity device is going to be
strange for the first couple of days. While this is true, after about a week or
so, you will start to notice that you are so comfortable in your device that
you forget you even have it on. I have had plenty of moments in my life where I
forgot that I was wearing it and ended up making a complete fool of myself. If
you find that you are forgetting that you are wearing one of these devices, you
should do whatever you can to remember it.

Most of the
times when I forget that I am wearing my male chastity men device, I usually
end up standing up at a urinal. Thankfully, I am aware that I have a device on
about the time I unzip my pants, but if there is someone else standing there,
then I usually have to do my best to relieve myself anyway. It would look odd
if I suddenly stepped away from the urinal and went into a stall. Hopefully,
you won’t have to go through anything like that and will remember that you are
wearing a very sexy device under your pants.


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Male chastity men wearing a cock disply with cock ring/anal plug

Male chastity men wearing a penis disply with cock ring/anal plug

Male Chastity Men Can Live More Happily

Male Chastity Men

Male Chastity Men Can Live More

There are
male chastity men all over the world that are currently living the life they
have always wanted because they are willing to overlook their sexual urges and
focus on the things that are a bit more important to them. This is something
that you can easily do if you are willing to at least try. Of course, you are
going to have to find a chastity device that will fit properly and that might
be a bit more difficult for you to do on the first try. Just don’t give up and
see what happens.

The male
chastity men that have given up their urges have found that life is much more
fun to live these days. They get the opportunity to live their dream and that
isn’t very easy to do for just everyone. In fact, most men attempt to live
their dreams and find it almost impossible to do because there are so many
things running through their minds. Just the aspect of giving up a normal sex
life might be a bit intimidating for you at first, but once you do, you will
see that everything else in your life is much easier to understand in general.

Finding that First Male Chastity

Finding that First Male Chastity

When it comes to purchasing your male chastity
items there are some considerations that you need to think about. The first
thing you have to consider is what you are going to be doing while you are
wearing your device. If you are one of those guys that is planning on wearing
the device for long periods of time, then you are going to need one that will
have a low profile so you can wear it under any type of clothing. This means that
you will want to stay away from the bulkier items that you can find on the

Some men
think that buying larger items makes them more manly for some reason; just look
at all those guys driving around in large SUV’s and other penis extension
vehicles. But if you have something on that is bulky, then when you put on
things like dress slacks your device is going to end up sticking out like a
sore thumb. That isn’t something you want to have people see if you are trying
to keep your chastity lifestyle more of a secret. Even if you don’t care if people
see it or not, that type of bulkiness sticking out of your crotch could be
somewhat embarrassing.

Now another
thing you need to think about when it comes to picking out your first ever male chastity item is the style of the
device you are going to want to wear. There are plenty of options available
that you can choose from so make sure you know a bit about the differences
before you order one. For instance, there are some items sold that have little
teeth on the inside of the device that makes it rather painful to get an
erection, or try to take the device off for that matter.

If that
isn’t something that you would be interested in trying out for fear of severely
hurting yourself, then you need to look at other items. Some of these devices
have ball rings attached to them and still others have anal toys attached to
them. It is very important that you read through any descriptions that you can
find about these devices to ensure that you are getting something you will be
able to wear. You wouldn’t want to pick out something that looked good only to
find out that you couldn’t wear it for any length of time after all.

Now that you
have looked through all of your male
options and picked out your first item, you might want to break it
in a bit before trying to wear it all the time. This means that you are going
to have to wear it for a few hours at a time until you are used to the way it
feels while you have it on. Some men will attempt to wear it right out of the
box for a few days and find that it can cause chaffing in areas that you don’t
want chaffing to occur.

If you
slowly break in your chastity device in preparation for wearing it, then you
will be able to wear it for longer periods of time with very little issues
being involved. It’s kind of like breaking in new shoes, really. Most people
that purchase new shoes aren’t going to throw them on in the store and wear
them out for dancing and a night on the town. They will take them home and wear
them around the house until they are comfortable and fit properly. Once those
shoes are broken in, they can be worn for daily use and feel comfortable in

Once you
have worn your male chastity device
around the house, then it’s time to take it out on the open road and see how it
handles. Now, there are a lot of men that wear their devices while they are
working so that they can focus on what they are doing. Wearing something like
this for the first time to work is going to be quite frustrating for some men,
though. You are going to be constantly looking around at everyone trying to see
if anyone notices whether or not you have a chastity cage on under your

If you have
a Key Holder, then you might be in for a surprise the first couple of times you
wear your device to work. It goes without saying that there are going to be
times when all you want is to take your device off, but if you don’t have your
key that isn’t going to be possible for you. You are just going to have to
suffer through it and try to convince your Key Holder to let you out when you get
home from work. That isn’t going to be very easy, either.

Wearing a male chastity device is not something
that all men can handle, but for the ones that can; it’s a completely different
experience in life for them. Now it’s hard to think that something that locks
your cock up nice and tight would actually change your life for the better, but
that is exactly what men in this lifestyle swear that they have when wearing
one of these devices. You just have to be willing to give it a try and find out
for yourself that you can literally quite literally improve many areas of your
life if you give these devices a chance.

Go out there
and enjoy the world as often as you possibly can and find out why so many men out
there are wearing devices like this. There is nothing wrong with exploring
things differently than most other men would attempt to do and, in fact, it
should be something that you strive to do on a regular basis. Obviously, you
can try other methods of finding satisfaction in your life, but none of those
other methods are going to be the same as wearing a chastity device for long
periods of time. It’s just something that you are going to have to figure out
on your own if you really want to see what your life could actually be like
with a little bit of change.


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Switching Out Your Male Chastity Men Devices

Male Chastity Men

Switching Out Your Male Chastity Men

There are
male chastity men in this lifestyle that love to wear a different device while
working than one that they are wearing around the house. Of course, you might
not be able to do something like this if you have a Key Holder, though. You
might be able to work something out with your Key Holder to allow you to change
your devices depending on what you are doing. It might take a bit of wheeling
and dealing in order to do it, but it could be quite interesting if you are
given the chance.

Those male
chastity men that don’t have Key Holders will be able to change their devices
out just about any time they want. Of course, if you don’t have a key holder,
but you do have a key safe, then you are going to have to wait until the time
lock releases your key. You can change your device from time to time in order to
freshen that feeling of wearing something new when you feel that your old
device is starting to feel common place and boring. Changing that out can boost
your excitement and give you something to look forward to when it comes time to
change your device out.

Male chastity training

Male Chastity Men Life

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The life of male chastity men seem to be really interesting. Although I haven’t
really had the chance to talk to anyone of them, I kind of think that they are
amazing in their own way. I mean as male chastity men, wouldn’t it be great to
experience yourself and your entire body and interact with it as regularly as
you possibly can without any limits or without second guessing?


I think building this kind of close
relationship with yourself is as important as you can think of building
relationships with other people. Especially if you are the kind of person who
wants to be able to explore and go beyond the boundaries you have set, then
perhaps becoming male chastity men
at least once in your lifetime can become a great idea for you.


I am particularly excited with the thought
because I believe that it will open endless doors of opportunities for me. I
bet it’s going to be a great opportunity because people like me will be able to
really tell ourselves that we’re good at what we do and the people that we
interact closely with will also be able to say the same thing about themselves
as male chastity men.


Male chastity men Slave boy

I walked
through the door into our home and found seven other guys sitting around naked
in our living room. My partner was telling them how I was his male chastity men slave and they were
all there to have some fun with me. As soon as I walked into the room, he told
me to strip down naked and show these other guys my chastity cage that he had
bought for me from I knew that if I didn’t do what I was told
that I was going to get a severe punishment, so I took my clothes off.

I walked
around like any good male chastity men
would do for their partner and let all of the guys there see what I was
wearing. My partner was telling them how it kept me from getting an erection, but enabled him to have all the fun with me that he wanted. The other guys all
smiled at that idea and one of them said to prove it. So he did. He immediately
stood up and told me to bend over in front of everyone. Once I did, he slid a
finger into my tight asshole and started fucking me with it.

I was
extremely embarrassed as this was the first time we had ever done anything like
this in front of anyone before, but I didn’t have the right to protest what was
happening. Being male chastity men,
we have to do what we are told to do, and I was being told to take whatever I
was about to get that night. I had to go along with it, and that was the end of
the conversation; not that there was a conversation to be had at that
particular point in time.

He, then,
invited each one of them up to have some fun with his personal male chastity men slave, and they did.
My partner went into the bedroom and got the oils out and started slathering me
in them, making me wet from head to toe so that it was easier for all these
guys to take advantage of me. After a while, I started to enjoy what was happening
and my cock started to get hard. Unfortunately, my cage made it impossible for
me to enjoy that erection in any way. This is not a good thing when you start
getting involved in the sexual things that are happening to you.


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