What it is like to be Male Chastity Men


A day in the life of male chastity men is hard to describe simply because they are most likely not all the same. In fact, it totally depends on what sort of chastity training that a man is involved with and what stage of that training that he is currently in. In spite of popular myths, each man can be completely different when it comes to how his training and lifestyle is handled. There are many reasons for this but the main one comes down to personalities. What works for one man will not work another one in chastity. The same is true for Trainers. The methods that some Trainers use will most assuredly not work for all men.

Most male chastity men start their day when their Key Holder instructs them to begin it. Whether this is done by setting an alarm clock or the Key Holder simply handles everything when announcing that it is time to get up, there is a process to the starting of the day. Once the charge has arisen, he is then going to be instructed to get breakfast for his Key Holder. It is after this part that things can go in drastically different directions. If the charge has a job, then he will be allowed to get dressed and go to it. However, he will most likely be made to wear his chastity device all the time. If he has been told to leave his job, then he is at his Key Holder’s beck and call for the remainder of the day and night.


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Something else that is always a part of being male chastity men is the wearing of a device that will insure that they don’t have random erections or give into satisfying those urges. A chastity device will keep these men in check and they will not stray out of their bounds. In fact, of all of the variations of the chastity lifestyle, the devices are the one constant in that the men are always required to wear them no matter what.

Switching Out Your Male Chastity Men Devices

Male Chastity Men

Switching Out Your Male Chastity Men

There are
male chastity men in this lifestyle that love to wear a different device while
working than one that they are wearing around the house. Of course, you might
not be able to do something like this if you have a Key Holder, though. You
might be able to work something out with your Key Holder to allow you to change
your devices depending on what you are doing. It might take a bit of wheeling
and dealing in order to do it, but it could be quite interesting if you are
given the chance.

Those male
chastity men that don’t have Key Holders will be able to change their devices
out just about any time they want. Of course, if you don’t have a key holder,
but you do have a key safe, then you are going to have to wait until the time
lock releases your key. You can change your device from time to time in order to
freshen that feeling of wearing something new when you feel that your old
device is starting to feel common place and boring. Changing that out can boost
your excitement and give you something to look forward to when it comes time to
change your device out.

Am I ready for male chastity

Am I Ready

When is the
right time to decide you need to wear a male
device? Well, that would be the $64,000 question, now wouldn’t it?
Most guys feel it’s time when they have experienced almost everything that
sexual contact can give them and they still haven’t found that one aspect that
truly awakens them. Others feel that sex isn’t necessary in order to be happy
and they might end up choosing to wear one sooner. The point is that it is
completely up to you and your needs as to when you should purchase and wear a
device from Koalaswim.com.

If you feel
that you are ready to wear a male
device, then you probably are. But if you still have doubts on
whether or not you can go for days without getting an erection, then you might
want to hold off for a bit. You don’t want to rush into something that you just
aren’t ready to commit to after all. That could turn out to be a fairly bad day
for you if you can’t get your key from your Key Holder or out of the safe in
time. But then, it might show you a whole new aspect to humility which is
something the entire population of the world needs to know about.