Male chastity men and mens cock wear gear

To be able for you to know more about trinkets and toys
to make your sexual activity more fun and alive, try the male chastity men items. There are plenty to choose from today. If
your man is uncertain about wearing chastity items, but you are not, try to
explain to him how it will affect your sexual life. It is meant to light up the
each moment and spice up the sex. This is a proven thing by other chastity
users. It makes the hormones kick.

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Male chastity men
devices come in many sizes and looks. The most common that many have already
tried is the cage chastity device. However, since you are using it for the
first time, try something more pliable and elastic just like a lycra make
thong.  This will make you and him feel
more confident to try since it is not made of total steel. It has cock rings
and ball crushers too with ties in the right places. This would be a good first
item for you to use. When the time comes when you and him are confident and
used to wearing it, then you can go ahead and try the kinkier ones. Go for the
stainless cage!

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