Male chastity on the beach

Chastity on the Beach

One thing
that you think you might not be able to do while wearing a male chastity device is heading out to the beach to relax. Now,
there are a lot of devices out there that will make it difficult to wear
swimwear, but sites like have actually created swimwear for guys
that wear devices all the time. In this way, you can still have your chastity
device on and go out to the beach like everyone else you know. Of course, you
will have to wear a low–profile style of device in order to wear the swimwear

The good
thing about being able to wear your male
device out on the beach is that you can continue to do all the
normal daily routines that you enjoy so much without feeling like you are being
left out. If your friends invite you to the beach, you can go with them because
you have swimwear that you can wear over your cage and no one would notice it
unless they are basically in your crotch while you are standing there. These
swimwear options give you a great chance to experience the beach in one of the
most special ways ever; just don’t start too long at the half naked people out

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